Montana State Reps Stand For Religious Freedom


Montana House Bill 543, which has already passed the state House, requires the Pledge of Allegiance to be said every day in Montana public schools. You know, like we used to do when we were kids.

State Representative Scot Kerns, in a courageous recognition that simple religious expression (or lack thereof) has a proper place in public life, offered an amendment to the bill’s language reassuring Montana students that the moment of silence following the Pledge could (if so desired) be a moment of silent prayer.

As we would imagine, atheists went crazy at the notion that any expression of religion would be allowed near a public school, accusing Kerns (and bill sponsor Bob Phalen) of advocating for so-called Christian nationalism by allowing a moment of silence (and silent prayer) after the reciting of the pledge. Phalen remarked when questioned, “I just think it’s time to get God back in school in some form or fashion.”

A historically-accurate understanding of not only the United States but the public school system would see this remark and the desire to allow students a little space for their religious convictions as a right and just cause. Both of these representatives and the Montana legislators who support the bill have a correct and balanced view of the relationship between religious convictions and government limits. This stands in stark contrast to the “separation of church and state” statists who constantly push to remove any and all religious expression from public life.

This kind of courage is sorely needed in a country that is morally falling apart and in need of more freedom, not less. Show your support for and encourage representatives Phalen and Kerns by contacting them:

Bob Phalen

Scot Kerns


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