Video: Montana Daily Gazette Editor Booted from YouTube for Telling Vaccine Truths


Big-Tech censorship strikes again, and this time it hits close to home as the editor of this publication, Montana Daily Gazette, was put in YouTube jail for a week for telling the truth on the March 15 broadcast of Montana Gazette Radio.

The tyrannical move by the Silicon Valley behemoth is not surprising, as Montana Daily Gazette constantly faces censorship, suspension, and now an outright ban that severely limits the publication’s ability to bring truth to the good people of Montana.

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As illustrated by the preceding image, the reason given for the 1-week ban is due to “Medical Misinformation” relayed by the show’s guest, Judge Anna Von Reitz, who has appeared with the show’s host on several occasions in the past.

Ironically, the move by YouTube to censor the Gazette broadcast immediately preceded the introduction of a bill by the Montana Senate to revive HB 573, an internet censorship bill covered several times by this publication, with LC 2855, currently in the drafting process.

The censorship practiced against the Gazette and other conservative publications is simply un-American and may soon be a violation of Montana law, with real consequences, if the Montana legislature carries the ball across the goal-line successfully.

You can watch the portion of the video that resulted in the 7-day ban by clicking the 1st link below, with the full, unedited version linked underneath it.

Judge Anna Von Reitz on Coronavirus

Judge Anna Von Reitz – Full Interview

[Publisher’s Note: While we appreciate much of what Judge Anna Von Reitz has to teach on this subject, this article and interview is not an endorsement with aspects of her theology, which is in conflict with that held by our publisher, Gideon Knox Group]


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