BOMBSHELL: COVID-19 Killed Only 55 Healthy Montanans


A new report from Montana health officials reveals that the virus killed almost exclusively people already on death’s door

Other statewide news publications are looking at the COVID-19 data and claiming that the death rate for the Wuhan flu demonstrates the virus’s deadliness. In actuality, it’s the opposite. If death certificates can be believed, 75% of those killed by COVID-19 in Montana were over 70, and 70% who died “from” the virus had other death-inducing illnesses.

With dramatic titles like, “Death rate in Montana increased 14% in 2020,” the legacy press beat the drum of hyperbolization and exagerration, ignoring the reality that the devil is often in the details.

For example, one Fake News legacy press outlet reported…

About 1,900 more people died in 2020 compared to the average number of deaths in the past five years, marking a 14% increase in the death rate in Montana, according to a Department of Public Health and Human Services report released Tuesday. The data details how COVID-19 contributed both directly and indirectly to a rise in deaths statewide.

A five-year death tally means little, however, and that’s not how computing death data figures work. Similar increases in death-rates have occurred several times over the last few decades and are a part of a naturally-occuring life cycle of the Big Sky State. Nothing is particulary dramatic about this minor increase in deaths.

Increases in the death rate occurred in the last 20 years three different times in Montana. This makes a fourth time, showing a fairly natural spike that regularly occurs every half-decade or so.

Newspapers also reported that COVID-19 was the “third leading cause of death in the state,” behind heart-disease and cancer. This, of course, is not true. Surgical abortion killed roughly 500 more Montanans than Kung Flu, with chemical abortion figures much higher. The deaths of babies in the womb are not reported by DPHHS or tallied.

Nonetheless, COVID-19 appears on paper to have inched ahead of other causes of death, including suicide. But a close survey of the facts leads the rational person to have a degree of skepticism (more on this later). What the study demonstrates irrefutably is that the government response to COVID-19 increased the death rate dramatically due to alcoholism and homicide, neither of which can be blamed on the virus itself but by the state’s attempt to “mitigate” its dangers.

The report reads, “Deaths due to chronic liver disease and homicide were significantly higher in 2020 compared with 2015–2019 (Table).” See the referenced table below.

Over-all, these were substantial increases, with a rise of more than 60% in murder.

Unpredictably – in a trend seen elsewhere in the United States – deaths of the flu and other ordinary causes of death were down by double digits. In the case of Montana, deaths due to the flu were down by 12 percent. Also unpredictably, DPHHS says this is because of “COVID-19 mitigation measures.”

Deaths from influenza and pneumonia and chronic lower respiratory diseases in Montana decreased in 2020. This was
likely due to decreased influenza activity in the US and elsewhere in 2020—which coincided with COVID-19 mitigation

Apparently social distancing and masking prevented the American flu, but not the Wuhan flu. This claim has been largely debunked by many in the medical community, who have sufficiently demonstrated that death figures related to COVID-19 have been largely inflated and are better attributed to other underlying causes.

In all, only 331 Montanans died from COVID-19 exclusively, and of these, 276 were geriatric. And although the latest DPHHS news release didn’t state the median age, previous reports from late 2020 put the median age of COVID-19 victims at nearly 78-years-old.

Now get this…the lifespan of the average Montanan is…78 years. To phrase it another way, COVID-19 killed roughly the same amount of healthy Montanans – as the amount increased in homicide and liver failure, largely caused by alcoholism.

Or to phrase it yet another way, only 55 healthy, prime-of-their-life Montanans died in 2020 exclusively from COVID-19.


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