Huge LGBTQ Crowds (Not Really) Gather to Protest Religious Freedom Bill in Helena


Reportedly “dozens” of pro-sodomy protestors gathered at the state capitol earlier this week to oppose a bill by Senator Carl Glimm (R-Kilna) that would emphasize the right of Montanans to freely exercise their religion. Our estimates are a tad fewer than that.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which has already passed the Senate, will require government bodies to demonstrate that enforcement of anti-discrimination laws designed to protect the mentally and morally ill are indeed beneficial to the public good. Several Montana cities, like Bozeman and Missoula that have largely been taken over by Californians fleeing their state, have ordinances that teeter on the edge of unconstitional, forbidding people from acting upon their conscience when it comes to sodomy and the anti-science notion of “transgenderism.”

Protestors outside the capitol included Democrat Senator Bryce Bennett (Missoula), who claimed, “The folks in the building behind me were hoping they could steal your rights and no one would notice.”

Largely, the debate surrounding the bill revolves around whose rights Montana law will protect. On the right, lawmakers want state laws to protect First Amendment liberties of morally conscience Montanans whose approval of gross acts cannot be mandated by legislation. On the left, lawmakers want state laws to protect those affirming the imaginative notions of “transgenderism” – that a man can become a woman, or vice verse, by playing pretend – and unnatural affections.

The legislature will be able to take its pick between the two, and the protestors aren’t happy about it. Largely feeling shame and personal guilt for the self-harm caused by sexual perversities, leftists desire approval of the acts to be sanctioned, and even protected, by municipal laws. Desiring consciences to be coerced, they prefer laws forbidding people from voicing differences of opinion on the nature of immoral behavior.

But as bill sponsor, Senator Glimm, points out, this isn’t just about Christians who are discriminated against by municiple laws forbidding the excercise of religion.

Glimm pointed out, “Such laws have been used to prevent things like criminal prosecution of Native Americans for possessing eagle feathers for religious reasons and to prevent schools from requiring Native American children to cut their hair in violation of their religious beliefs.”

If the law passes, it will require prosecutors to prove that a Native child owning an eagle feather is causing the eagle population to go extinct, for example. Or, it could require the city of Missoula to prove that a Christian business store owner who prohibits a man from walking around scaring children in a mini-skirt and fishnet stocking is really doing any demonstrable harm to the community. Ultimately, it will require a “common sense” clause to prosecuting Montanans for holding varried opinions when it’s a matter of religious interpretation.

Several other laws are also opposed by LGBTQLMNOP activists, including a bill preventing boys from competing in athletics as girls because they feel like it. They are really upset, because there were an estimated 14 people in attendance at the protest.


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