Sixth Montanan Arrested By Feds For Being Present At Mostly Peaceful Capitol Protest


The federal government has continued on its seek-and-destroy mission to hunt down and prosecute Americans for attending a mostly-peaceful protest on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. Presumed guilty (until proven innocent) of touring the People’s House without a permission slip, the protestors did roughly 30 million dollars in damage. In other words, it did roughlly 1.36% of the damage done by George Floyd protests over the summer, which totaled more than 2.2 billion dollars in property damage.

No Montanans are known to have been arrested by the federal government in relation to those events, which claimed more than 40 lives. Meanwhile, five died in the U.S. Capitol riots, including 3 who succumbed to collateral damage from trampling, one unarmed woman murdered by capitol police, Ashli Babbitt (say her name), and two people who died from natural causes that some believe were ascerbated by the chaos.

Andrew Cavenaugh of Bozeman is the sixth Montanan known to have been charged in the U.S. Capitol breach. Others include Boyd Allen Camper, Isaac Steve Sturgeon, Joshua and Jerod Hughes, and Henry Philip Muntzer.

It is unknown if Cavenaugh wore a fanny pack, as is common with other tourists.

Cavenaugh, a businessman in Bozeman who owns Tactical Citizen in nearby Belgrade, was taken into custody in Bozeman. Reportedly, he was discovered from Capitol video footage showing him in a hat with his companies logo. Like all dangerous insurgents, he was seen walking peacefully with a cellphone and bottle of water.

According to its website, Tactical Citizen desires to “teach ordinary people indelible firearms skills and everyday tactical solutions to instill confidence, maintain skills, and empower citizens to ultimately increase personal and public safety.” Their primary mission is to “provide realistic training to help shift reactive behavior into thoughtful and purposeful behavior.”

Considering Cavenaugh demonstrated firearm safety and trigger discipline at the Capitol, as did all the other protestors present, Bozeman and Belgrade residents may want to strongly consider the instruction offered by Tactical Citizen. Trainings are available, starting at only $10, available here.


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