Mask Mandate Backfires as Students Embrace Constitution and Stand-up to Tyranny


Freedom activists, young and old alike, showed up to help encourage and spur on abused high school students Tuesday at both Flathead and Glacier High Schools in Flathead County.

Approximately 40 students “walked out,” with about 50 adults waiting in the wings at Flathead High, while about 30 students and 20 community folks helped to stand against tyranny over at Glacier.

At Flathead High, cars and trucks streamed by with students shouting, honking, and waving as other students and community members held signs stating the illegalities of forced mask-wearing and more.

The Students started the Protest/Walkout on the sidewalk adjacent to FHS but were quickly scolded by Assistant Principle Mark Fischer and told they had to “leave school property.” Afterward, they then headed across the street. (Apparently, only liberal “reporters” are allowed on actual school grounds as seen in this picture with Fischer while the peasant students were made to stand elsewhere.)

Present and willing to share, Dennis Gomez (who was “forced to retire his janitorial position because I wouldn’t wear a mask”) from Kalispell Middle School last August, and is now running for School District 5 school board, told Montana Daily Gazette that, “I was trying to educate the Assistant Principal (Mark Fischer) and the school cop that the property across the street is actually public property and we should be able to be over there as well. Gomez shared, “Let them smile, let the kids smile.”

A senior, who moved to Kalispell from Ukraine, is pictured below supported by his little brother. The young man stated that “yes things are worse where I came from but they are now getting bad here.”

One High School girl commented seriously, “I have asthma and it gets really hard to breathe with the masks on and I ended up having an asthma attack that escalated so much I had a severe panic attack. My mom had to come to the school. She brought me my inhaler and a nebulizer but they weren’t doing the job. I had to get rushed to the ER because I couldn’t breathe and it all started because of the masks making it difficult.”

Emily Hove, a junior at Flathead High and mask-loving proponent, assumed she had it nailed as she (in her face contraption) was interviewing local adult patriot Kerry Smart. In return, Hove (wherein Smart was surrounded by people and filmed by a liberal reporter) got SCHOOLED! As Hove interrogated Smart, the freedom activist retorted, “You’ve touched your mask at least 4 times since we’ve been talking, and that’s filthy and unsanitary.” After such a comment, Hove nervously adjusted her face diaper even tighter. Even more tactless was when Hove asked Smart, “Would Jesus wear a mask?” To which Smart promptly replied, “No, I do not think Jesus would wear a mask.” (And why would He? Jesus is not fond of child abuse.) Hove was bold and unrelenting, hurling question after question. She quizzed Smart about the elderly and mask-wearing, to which the freedom lover countered with, “My father is 78 years old, has a lung condition, and he’s chosen not to wear the mask. But that’s his choice, and that’s ok.”

The whole interlude was so orchestrated with a reporter present one might assume that the reporter was perhaps actually contacted by pro masking students to butt in and sabotage the “WALKOUT” while the reporter filmed the unsuspecting.

Sierra Vickrey 16, and a Junior at Flathead, who helped get the WALKOUT off the ground with guidance from Madeline Bondy 15, Glacier High School, was interviewed in the clips below by Brenda and Seth Roskos and had the following to share:

Meanwhile, at Glacier High School things were rapidly transpiring. Freedom activists Madeline Bondy and Kate Opre took the charge as passers-by were shouting obscenities and gesturing to that end. However just as Flathead received accolades and positive responses from passers-by so did GHS.

Outspoken and confident activist Kate Opre divulged much concerning her experience with Vice Principal Alan Stanfield the day before the walkout. “Stanfield stated that any student with an unexcused absence would not be able to make up work, would not be able to attend sports practice, and miss their next game. He claimed we were ” very disrespectful” but that’s just not true. (He said those things because he was mad.) Concerning my Christian faith, he used Christianity as a front to attack what we are doing based on his own opinion.”

Interestingly, several Glacier students,( donned in masks), claimed to be “interviewing protesters for a school project” but were “dizzy with all the knowledge being shared” (via a scholarly mask objector.)

In other parts of the state, a Helena high school in solidarity with Flathead Valley high schools staged a WALKOUT as well. Meanwhile, the Swan River elementary school board passed an “optional mask” plan in which masks will be lifted on April 5th. Shamefully in Whitefish, the tyranny is thick as thieves where they are now requiring students to double mask up.

Concerning whether kids at Glacier would continue the masking protests Opre had this to say, “If they (meaning the school board, administrators, superintendent, etc.) don’t do anything to accommodate the students or the families about the issues we’ve brought up, then yes absolutely. And we will keep doing this until something happens.”

When asked if Flathead would continue with the protests the knowledgeable Vickrey replied, “Yes, yes we will.”

Madeline Bondy who is the true heroine behind this movement and started the whole Protest/WALKOUT via a vision of freedom had this to say at Tuesday night’s school board meeting after the protest. “In my efforts to persuade the administration to enforce an optional mask policy, I’ve been threatened by principals and the administration multiple times and even taken into the principal’s office. They confiscated my invitation to exercise the right to a peaceful protest and the right to speak and be heard. There have been multiple instances where students have been lead into a walkout for gun rights and LGBTQ rights. Yet when we started thinking for ourselves and want to make a change for the better, we are threatened and given consequences because of our differences in opinion. You are supposed to represent US and not your OWN opinions.”

All three young ladies agreed that each school would have had at least 50 more students attending the Protest/WALKOUT but were highly threatened by the teachers and administrators, which deterred them.


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  1. Awesome! This is our generation’s battle. Other generations had world wars to die in, great depressions to survive, wild frontiers to settle in sod houses and log cabins, and revolutions to fight. This stand for freedom now is our generation’s battle. My heart has returned to America. I am an American. I will live free or die.

  2. Oh how embarrassing this news article is for you, making fun of kids as a 60 year old woman, grow up, and then leaving a note on the bottom saying you are getting “silenced” and “kneecapped”, hmmmm I wonder why????


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