Israel is the foremost leader in the “race to vaccinate the people.” Over half the population has been “injected” once, if not twice. The “Green Badge” is for the deceived who’ve given into the fraudulent, non-FDA approved Covid shot (mostly Pfizer). Only those who have succumbed to taking the injection can enter shopping malls, museums, gyms, sporting events, swimming pools, etc. Customers are forced to carry a “certificate of vaccination” with a QR code.”

Even students “as young as 16 years old” wishing to take crucial exams are forced to have a Green Badge to prove they’ve taken the shot. 

Ironically and chillingly, “badges” are not new to the Jewish people. Spanning the years between 1939 to 1945, Nazi Officials issued the “Jewish Badge” in a systemic and organized manner to usher the unsuspecting to the ghettos and killing facilities. 

This time, however, it’s not just the Jewish people of Israel who must have the Green Badge (or the symbolic separator of people) but the Arab people as well, “whether they be Christians, Muslims, Bedouins or otherwise.” 

It is absolutely a lose, lose situation no matter how it transpires. If one takes the injections and receives the (supposed) Green Badge of freedom, there is always the high possibility/probability of sickness or even death associated with the injection. And for those who do not surrender or succumb to the harmful injection, there is entry denial, travel restrictions, and previously stated privilege constraints.  

This is the “New Holocaust.”

“The airport is open here in Tel Aviv, but no flights are going out.”

An American Journalist who’s lived in Israel for 9 years (Michael Ganoe) divulged, “The media is being controlled by the government here in the state of Israel. The Ministry of Justice has 24-hour monitors of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and they’re also monitoring Telegram and What’s App for different groups fighting for their rights on whether or not to take this synthetic drug. Doctors here are being threatened to have their licenses being stripped and nurses if they speak out against the masks. The media is controlled by the government here, and once you go down that path, the government will always run the media, and then you’ll have a communist state. “

Similar information is being validated and documented by multiple sources.  

“The government has approved and has released the use of private, personal medical records to the municipalities and the surrounding towns here in Israel of those who will not submit to a synthetic, experimental drug. Once again, the Jews are being used. Vehicles are driving through our streets with loudspeakers telling us to “GO AND VACCINATE.” 

“This is the last place that I ever thought that the Jews would just do what the government says. Without question. And that is a scary place to be.”

Watch the First Video by Michael Ganoe by Clicking Here 

With a cry out to the world, the second source pleaded, “They have now issued and made it so they can send each person’s private medical records to the local municipalities so that they’ll know who’s taken the injection or not. They’re making people wear a security bracelet and ankle bracelet when they come back from traveling. It’s absolutely insane. We need the entire world to know what’s happening over here. They are censoring us. We need all hands on deck.” 

And any freedom-fighting patriot groups are being squelched and highly censored. 

Watch the Second Video by Michael Ganoe by Clicking Here 

Will Blesch is a friend of local patriots in the Flathead Valley who lives in Israel. He is a dual citizen. He shared this with Montana Daily Gazette. 

“The level of propaganda and the tactics the current government is using to get its way are like copy-catting those the Nazis used with their own populace to force everyone to join the Nazi party (if they wanted to have a social life and be a “normal German”) as well as how the Nazis painted anyone who disagreed with them as abnormal, or worse.”

He continued, “The current government has even trotted out Holocaust survivors and used them in propaganda. It’s suggesting that everyone must be vaccinated to protect the only remaining people who survived the Holocaust. Any one of us who is not vaccinated could infect them, and then they’ll die and be gone forever.” 

In other words, getting them “vaccinated,” which ironically is killing many Jews in Israel, especially the elderly. 

On March 20th, Saturday, a massive protest took place in Jerusalem as a part of the World Wide Freedom rally in front of the Rose Garden. In over 75 countries and 100 different locations, protests took place simultaneously! Israelis are fighting as one for the sake of freedom, democracy, and against the tyranny of Coronavirus to ensure a better future for their children. 

May they never give up. 

Watch the Video Protest in Jerusalem by Clicking Here


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  1. After all they’ve been through just a few years ago now allowing forced vaccination. Maybe 30 years from now they’ll have a wall commemorative to those who died of the vaccination.

    When are the people of Israel going to learn?
    After all they’ve been through just a few years ago now allowing forced vaccination. Maybe 30 years from now they’ll have a wall commemorative to those who died of the vaccination.

  2. yes its so tragic and right now they are in big big trouble the third dose of Pfizer is coming has come and many are dying…tragic..

    as goes Israel so goes the world..Israel is always the guinea pig…so very sad.. we must live and learn and try to continue to warn them not to comply


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