Helpful East Helena Church Offering Class in “Tactical Civics”


Infuriating leftists everywhere, who would prefer churches be staging their bunny-suits and county their candy baskets just prior to Resurrection Sunday, the Canyon Ferry Baptist Road in East Helena spent the day canvassing their neighborhood with fliers for an upcoming program called, “Tactical Civics.”

And yes, according to Don Pogreba’s hysterical catastrophizing blog, one woman says they “pounded” on door and [trigger warning] smiled at her when she had a mask on.

If that’s not frightening enough, insert some ominous music in your head to achieve the desired result of the liberals who described the church’s flier efforts.

Tactical Civics appears to be a program that can be taught in local places, designed to equip people in knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Its founder appears to have a lengthy history of philanthropy, service, and altruism. This program is being taught throughout the United States.

The website for the program states, “When we are truly repentant and put Jesus Christ back into His rightful position as High King of our hearts and families, all of our domestic enemies are no match for We The People once we move into ACTION. We are now calling on Trump to tell his millions of rock star fans to take responsibility; move beyond rallies and parades to repentant, responsible action in our own communities and counties. TACTICAL CIVICS™ has the plan, and Trump has the attention of the American Heartland. Perhaps he will hear us and tell his fan base to do the work of restoring Grand Jury and Militia in every county in America. But we must depend on the LORD, not on one president.”

You can sign up to take part here.

While it may see odd that a church is calling for American’s Militia 2.0, it’s also weird that a whole bevy of leftist clergy spend their time wiring up their church house rooves with solar panels, planting organic hippy gardens, and passing out Jello shots and condoms at Gay Pride Helena. These are indeed, strange times.

Pastor Hall, of the Gideon Knox Group (the publisher for the Montana Daily Gazette) was asked what he thought of a church doing this and he stated, “Clearly, the major purpose of the Christian church is to (a) proclaim the accomplished work of Christ through belief in his death, burial, and resurrection and (b) making disciples.”

Hall went on, “I don’t know if Canyon Ferry Baptist Church is also busy preaching the Gospel and teaching the full counsel of God’s word, but if they want to burn some post-potluck calories encouraging their neighbors to be actively involved in civics, there are worse things in the world.”

Hall concluded, “After all, the church could have been down with the liberal clergy begging the legislature to let boys play girl sports or opposing laws forbidding parents from giving their 5-year-olds sex changes….worse things have happened.”


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