Krispy Kreme Bribes Society with Poisonous Injections and Junk Food


Krispy Kreme has moved over to the Dark Side. Starting March 22, 2021, all vaccinated victims get to sugar up, mask up, and inject up until the end of the year.

It’s simple. Just show your “vaccine” card (virtue signaling stickers don’t count, “I got vaccinated!”), proving you’ve had at least one lethal injection from participating dealers meaning Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson, and “walla,” you get to slop down a Krispy Kreme doughnut every single day for free!

(Don’t forget to pack your insulin while you’re at it.)

But don’t worry if you choose NOT to inject yourself with the fraudulent gene transforming shot from the land of toxicity; you will still get a Krispy Kreme treat, but only on Mondays.

Who is paying this company? Big pharma? Or is Krispy Kreme a major stockholder and pouring cash into the insidious injection from never-never land?

Covid-19 Vaccine Offer

“Krispy Kreme says it also plans to randomly deliver doughnuts to health care workers and volunteers at vaccination centers in the coming weeks.”

Oh, there’s more.

“The chain is also offering employees up to four hours of paid time off to get their own shots. The promotion is one of the few “freebies” for people who have gotten vaccinated, but the number is likely to grow as vaccine availability increases.”

This has got to be the most hideous and bribery-oriented tactic of the century. Just imagine the children, BEGGING to get shot up and hounding their parents or nanny’s to visit the doughnut gurus every day! (And of course, they will purchase even more junk food once they get there!) Krispy Kreme’s Marketing Team must undoubtedly think they are the brightest, most ingenious, promotion-driven company on the planet.

The deceptive doughnut dealers deserve a good old-fashioned boycott and protest in each city with signs that state, Bribes Don’t Work! or Doughnuts Won’t Do It! Or better yet, Never Liked Your Doughnuts Anyway!!


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