Montana Democrat Blog Calls Islamic, Middle-Eastern Shooter “White Man”


In Critical Theory, which is the religion of today’s Democratic Party – bequeathed them by the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – everything is about race. As hardcore racialists, today’s Critical Theorists (much like those in the milleu of 1937 Germany) see everything as a matter of ethnicity, the cause of every problem and the root of every solution. Their superstitious devotion to the principles of race-baiting leave them with preemptively crafted narratives for tragedies that don’t even exist yet.

As with the Asian Whorehouse shooter several weeks ago, in which there is scant evidence that it was motivated by race at all, when a shooter in Boulder, Colorado walked into a grocery store and shot ten people liberals were quick to demand that “white men” lay down their guns in guilt.

But, it turns out that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is not white. He’s a brown man (not that it matters) and a “refugee” (that matters a little bit) and a Muslim (that matters quite a bit). Nonetheless, liberals already deployed their narrative, and to hell with whether or not its accurate.

Don Pogreba’s Democrat blog, which turns out he runs from Hawaii (who knew?) hasn’t yet offered an apology and retraction for jumping to racist conclusions…

Have no fear, though. There’s still a racist angle that can be played here. The shooter’s brother says he became anti-social because classmates made fun of his name.

For real, that’s the new narrative. It’s still the white peoples’ fault, and racism is still to blame. Meanwhile, the Montana Post has still cast the blame at the feet of Republicans…

Not so fast, though. The shooter was a Democrat, supported gun control, and advocated for Joe Biden to take away our guns. One wonders how that narrative will be spinned. But when facts don’t matter and falsehoods won’t be corrected, we’re sure they’ll figure it out.


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