Factcheck: Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is Not White and Richard Levine is Not a Woman


This is the type of article that’s the reason why Montana Daily Gazette is largely censored by Big Tech and why our readers love subscribing to The Insurgency daily email news updates. While the rest of the media world is busy calling the Boulder shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a white man and calling Biden’s deputy health secretary pick, Richard Levine, a lady, we’ll report the pro-science, pro-facts truth of it.

The double-standard bans on “misinformation” by Big Tech are as evident as Richard Levine’s five o’clock shadow, and they’re just as reticent to admit it. Our publications are here to remind you and everyone else of the inconvenient truths.

Biological reality is not subject to the prejudices of our technocratic overlords.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, who is not a white man

When Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa – who, as you might suspect, is not quite the honky cracker the press made him out to be – walked into a grocery store and gunned down ten innocent people, it was generally assumed he was Caucasian. That assumption helps Joe Biden’s narrative that white people, and in particular, white people with guns, are the problem in America. As he promises to fly illegal immigrants to dump off in Montana and lifted Trump’s well-advised ban on immigration from terrorist nations, Biden’s gun control machine is churning out talking-points as fast as Richard Levine pops estrogen pills.

For more than an entire news cycle, leftists in the media rushed to condemn “another white man” who shot up a crowd with a scary black gun (which, although it works precisely like the less-scary wooden guns, is inexplicably more ominous…racist overtones be damned). But the biological and biographical reality demonstrates that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a Syrian refugee and Joe Biden supporter.

Nonetheless, Big Tech has not required any clarification from those using social media and has not employed “fact-checkers” to correct misleading news stories. To this day, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other Big Tech utilities have allowed such misleading misrepresentations to continue, despite the fact that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a poster-child for the Religion of Peace.

One would think that projecting the terrorist as a disgruntled, trailerpark denizen with a Confederate Flag on his pickup would be “fact-checked” by the third-party, Soros-funded Quislings who operate the Internet’s Union of Hall Monitors. But nooo…The only factchecks deployed on this story were debunking claims that the shooting was a “false flag incident” (how the heck they know this already is anyone’s guess).

But no fact-checks on the man’s race, after it had been a central feature of the media’s news narrative? Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero. None.

Compare this to the biologically-justified claims that Richard Levine, Biden’s pick for deputy health secretary, is an actual man. That is absolutely forbidden and is strictly banned by Big Tech’s policies against “deadnaming” (when you refer to someone by their actual name instead of their pretend name).

Richard Levine, who is not a woman

We’re not allowed to suggest that Richard Levine is not Rachel Levine because he was born with a penis, has XY chromosomes, and if his DNA was found at a crime scene the law would put out an all-points-bulletin on a man. That’s not allowed in our dystopian present, and transgender Newspeak is the official language of Big Tech’s Marketplace of Ideas.

Instead, we are all forced to struggle under the reality that all Big Tech has to do in order to ban us is demonstrate that we don’t play pretend well with others, and that the Neighborhood of Make-Believe is not our home address.

Imagine that. We can call this Syrian man “white” without a single raised objection by Big Tech, but if we call this actual man a man, we are castigated and exiled to the Island of Ideological Misfits, banned and banished from the public square.

When it comes to “transgenderism” (not a thing), the reason Big Tech must be extra sensitive to banhammer any and all nay-sayers is because they’re well aware of the parable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Every free-thinking and sentient individual who readily admits that a man isn’t a woman because he wears a wig or chops his penis off is a virtual hole in the dam of their lies, sprining a leak that must be quickly plugged.

We recognize this when Montana’s press outlets refer to bills banning boys from competing in girls’ sports as “laws targeting transgender youth” (translation, “laws protecting girls from boys who want to beat them up”). This very article, and ones like it, are why you have to go out of your way to read Montana Daily Gazette; our truth is too hard to handle.

But then again, this is also why you have made Montana Daily Gazette the #1 news source in Montana (by online readership). Thanks for stopping to hear the truth.

[Editor’s Note: Provided by Gideon Knox Publisher, Jordan Hall]


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  1. Syrians are “white”, part of the Caucasoid race, from which being “white” is derived. As to a “transgender” being anything, but what it was born as, I do fully agree with that. No amount of snipping and cutting, plastic surgery, etc., can remove that biological fact. There are some that are born with genetic defects, hermaphrodites, having XXY, etc., wherein, they may have characteristics or traits of both sexes, but those are the true anomalies. Those that wish to be something other than what they are, are delusional and that is a mental illness that needs to be treated. Removing sex organs does not change one’s sex.

    • I’ve met syrians, no they wouldn’t be called white. They wouldn’t want to be called white either. However, white, black, whatever, are all arbitrary. You missed the point of the article, which was the left really only uses standards on one set of people, and at certain times, ie. when it is politically convenient. If the media was honest, they wouldn’t say he was white, they’de say he is syrian, which would be honest. Melanin count is unimportant in a crime, but country of origina can have significance. But the leftist media won’t do that, it does not fit their narrative.

  2. Easy to clarify one’s gender. If you can pee standing up, you are a man. If you have to squat to pee, you are a woman.

    Also, easy to clarify race. If you are hated and discriminated against on a daily basis. You are a white male.

    Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) are legalized forms of discrimination.


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