Geraldine Custer Was Sole Republican to Vote Against Voter ID Bill


Despite Montana Free Press referring to the bill as “contentious,” SB169 really isn’t. The bill, a product of Sen. Mike Cuffe (R-Eureka), passed its third reading in the Montana House 65-33. If a 65-33 margin is “contentious” then it would seem like an unnecessary adjective, as it could be applied to almost every bill.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats voted uniformly against the bill, which will require two forms of ID for those who cannot provide a state-issue government ID. The Democratic Party in Montana, as like the rest of the party, is dependent upon what Joe Biden called “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” The blue dot of Missoula, for example, was recently revealed to have cast upwards of 5% fraudulent ballots in the last election.

It shoud not be a surprise that Democrats oppose ensuring that voters are who they claim to be.

Arguments against the bill were predictable, chiefly centering on the Democrat Social Religion of Critical Theory, arguing that various minority ethnic groups and the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden would not be able to provide two forms of ID to vote. The soft bigotry of lowered expectations remains strong in today’s Democratic Party, as legislators repeatedly argued that Native Americans and others were too ignorant or incompetent to acquire additional proof of their identity, such as a bank statement, utility bill, or library card.

What is odd is the vote of Geraldine Custer (“R”-Forsyth) who sided with Democrats against every single other Republican in the Montana House. But perhaps it’s not that strange, considering that Custer ranks 66 out 67 Republicans in party loyalty votes, last except for one-and-done legislator, Brian Putnam. She has voted with Democrats against Republicans 109 times this session (click here to see her rank).

Custer argued, “Putting this wording back in requiring the college students to have two forms of ID is discriminatory and it’s going to go right to court. And I think this flies in the face of conservative Republican principles that we’re going to spend hard-earned Montana taxpayers’ dollars to line the pockets of attorneys when we don’t need to do this.”

Custer – who voted for Medicaid Expansion in 2019 and almost every possible tax increase this session and every one previous – is suddenly worried about the state budget. Of course, defending Montana’s laws is the job of the Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, and there’s already a budget for that. It’s literally in the Attorney General’s job description.

It’s a bizarre argument, indeed, that her Republican colleagues are attempting to protect Montana’s election integrity because of some conspiratorial desire to “line the pockets of attorneys.” Rather, it’s exactly as Republicans argued on the floor…the move is necessary in an age of rampant voter fraud.

Custer is termed-out of the Montana House this session, and desires to run for state senate. Her candidacy seems like a foregone conclusion, although what primary she’ll run in is anybody’s guess.


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