The Montana Post, the De Facto Democrat Blog, Has Closed Down for Good


Somewhere in Hawaii, a former Helena school employee and former Democratic primary gubernatorial candidate, Don Pogreba, just became a former blogger. After 15 years of work propagating Democratic talking points for Montana’s progressives, Pogreba announced that he’s scuttling The Montana Post.

In an article entitled Time to Turn Out the Lights, which was put up only an hour ago but currently says is “undergoing maintenance” (Feedly still has the full article, as it was first published on its RSS feed).

Pogreba writes…

I know the timing is terrible, in the midst of the legislative session and the Republican takeover of Montana political life, and I am sure that I am letting at least a few loyal readers down, but the truth is that I am exhausted.

Pogreba recalled for his readers the recent health problems he has endured and credited an excessive workload and stress of covering statewide politics. He is now following the doctor’s orders with a newfound realization that “life is short.”

The author then wrote a hopeful plea that progressives might still have somewhere to blog, but it would not be on his blog and that he himself would not be writing any longer. Pogreba added, “My days of political writing—at least in this venue, in this format—have thankfully reached an end.”

Since the Montana Daily Gazette launched in February of 2020, its has published 31 articles that reference Don Pogreba, many of which center on the Comintern author who for years has plagued Montana’s Republicans if – for no other reason – the sheer annoyance of him.

These articles about Pogreba include:

Blog Run By Helena School Teacher, Don Pogreba, Offers Alcohol to Minor

Montana Democrat Blog Refers to Boulder, Middle-Eastern Shooter as “White Man”

Don Pogreba Surprised that Men Can’t Give Birth

Why is Montana’s Democrat Junk Blog Infatuated with Randy Pinocci?

Montana Post Admits Conspiracy with MSM to Take Down Montana Daily Gazette

[Pogreba’s Blog] Claims Montana is ‘Built on White Supremacy’ Because We Have Guns

[Pogreba’s Blog] Accuses Steve Daines of Racism for Opposing D.C. Statehood

[Factchecking Montana Post]: Did Gianforte Give Hundreds of Thousands to “LGBTQ Hate Group?

[Pogreba] Accuses Republican Candidates of Wanting People Dead

The Montana Post was quick to castigate Montana Daily Gazette as “fake news,” writing in early 2020 a warning that our publication is not to be trusted, apparently for being too conservative. In other words, we print things that Montana’s dying legacy press and liberal blogs won’t cover.

Later in the year, after Montana’s Red Wave in the primary and general election, the Montana Post gave credit to this publication for Republican victories and castigated the mainstream media for not helping him impugn our reporting. In doing so, he admitted that “[Montana Gazette publisher, Jordan Hall] has more staying power than we previously thought.”

Then, it seemed that the Montana Daily Gazette’s success put a spring in Pogreba’s step, as he announced a new effort to expand their reporting and obtain funding to expand the website’s operation, ostensibly for the sake of competition. Apparently, that didn’t go well.

Ultimately, what killed The Montana Post was capitalism. In supply-side economics, the governing law is one of supply-and-demand. The problem is, for liberals, that there is no shortage of progressive press outlets who put a leftwing spin on Montana news. Therefore, supply is high so demand is low. Liberals have every single legacy press outlet in the state, plus their rank-and-file blogs like The Montana Post. The market is saturated.

Meanwhile, the Montana Daily Gazette is thriving as the #1 online news outlet in Montana (by online readership) because supply is low. Our business partners, owners, and writers are highly in demand accordingly. There is no other marketable conservative alternative for rightwing news in Montana, period. And the difference between our bias and that of the mainstream media is that our bias is no less pronounced, but is significantly more honest.

So far as we are concerned, the untimely demise of The Montana Post is summed up by Psalm 107:42…

“The upright see and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths.”


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  1. Poor Don. I shall miss him. He was the perfect spokesman for Progressivism…and by that I mean his arguments were ill-formed and easily refuted. He was quick-tempered and hostile, so when you cornered him with logic and facts, he’d just start calling you names or outright delete your comments altogether. He made it soooooooo easy to expose the hypocrisy and lies of his ideology. If only he were a more worthy adversary, I might be able to take some pride in my contribution to his exhaustion and the demise of The Montana Post.


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