Caleb Hinkle Proposes “Firearm Montana State Flag” over “Diversity” Hogwash


Helena MT, Republican legislator Caleb Hinkle, doesn’t miss a beat. 

To ward off the vote of a new liberal Montana State Flag proposed by Democratic Rep. Moffie Funk, who advanced a bill to design a “new” Flag of Montana, Hinkle asked it be amended. Funk used buzz words like “integrity and diversity,” which are scary words indeed.

 Recently “diversity” heads up visions of transvestites reading to three-year-olds in libraries nationwide. 

What’s wrong with the original flag? Last we heard, there was nothing awry or amiss with hard-working, ethics portrayed on the flag via a plow, shovel, along with majestic mountains, a river, and forest, etc., set in a background of blue and touting our state seal of “Oro Y Plata” the land of gold and silver! It’s a simple yet perfect example of the life we lead in the pristine land Montanans call home.

Not good enough for Funk.

 In a “virtue signaling” move, she wants it changed. 

Only one thing is possibly missing on our wonderful flag, and Hinkle nailed it. The regale Montana GUN. After all, Montana is the most heavily armed state in the entire nation. And as a result, per capita, the safest with the least amount of crime.  To the tune in fact, of an average of about 28.1 firearms per person in the entire state. 

“Hinkle offered to amend Funk’s proposal to add firearms to the state flag, saying Montana’s “pioneers, miners, soldiers, Native tribes, hunters, ranchers and more have been touched by 200 years of firearms diversity.”

The idea elicited a fiery response from Democratic Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, a member of the Chippewa Cree tribe. 

“When you’re talking about firearms and the history of Native Americans here, we’re always at the end of the firearms,” he said, urging lawmakers to vote against the measure.

However, let us not forget that every tribe in history thought they’d struck gold when they were fortunate enough to trade anything, robes, furs, you name it, in exchange for the precious and sought-after GUN.

In the end, neither Funk’s nor Hinkle’s proposals gained any traction. Still, Hinkle was calling her bluff (or rather her liberal malarkey) by hoping to derail the ludicrous notion that we need “diversity” spewed all over the Montana State Flag. After all, the Black Lives Matter fist wouldn’t fit on it anyway. 

The Associated Press ran an article on the subject from their typical leftwardly-biased perspective. Check out the article here.

And speaking of liberal the woman who wrote the above article? She is none other than a far-left, dem-loving, anti-gun, thus anti-Montana TRANSPLANT funded by none other than the Associated Press and liberal nuts. 

Where the Money Goes

Every $25,000 we raise is matched by $12,500 from the local news organization and $12,500 from local funders, which gets a reporter into the field.

We also spend money on the program itself: training, evaluation, recruitment, and more. 

Our model is scalable because we’re helping to inject talent and reporting capacity into the most innovative news organization.

That’s right, folks. Little Miss Liberal, Iris Samuels, is NOT a MONTANAN’S friend by any stretch of the imagination. She works for the Associated Press, Facebook ( other Zuckerberg cronies), and a host of other Fake News outlets. And she was placed here strategically because of the Great Montana Red Sweep.  She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing hell-bent on destroying the good work the real honest Republicans have worked so hard for and achieved in our legislature so far this season. 

Take a gander at that donor list: 

Don’t fall for this nonsense. 

Good job, Caleb Hinkle, on heading off the libs at the pass. 

[Publisher’s Note: The Associated Press demanded we remove Iris Samuel’s information from our article, written by Brenda Roskos. It is not our policy to self-censor publicly available information in order to appease leftwing media, and so our official answer is no – Jordan Hall, publisher]


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  1. We can’t keep allowing these kinds of people to move to MT and try to destroy it from the inside. They must be made extremely uncomfortable then sent packing to continue to destroy the blue states who seem to want to live under the yoke of a tyrant.

  2. What idiocy THIS article is. I am a born and bred Montanan and guns are not even remotely a part of my life. Caleb Hinkle is an idiot attempting to legislate the lives of women and minorities because he is a scared little boy when it comes to diversity. This latest idiocy of his concerning a valid thought by a democrat just proves what a fool Hinkle truly is.


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