Video: Ritualistic Abuse Survivor Cheryl Beck Shocks Flathead Patriot Group with Horrific Tale of Abuse


Editor’s Note: The following article is disturbing and graphic, as is the video linked below the text. If you are an abuse survivor, please proceed with caution if you choose to continue.

Cheryl Beck has been a victim of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse for as long as she can remember. Born into a “bloodline” family, Cheryl was abused regularly and brutally until she was able to make her escape and be de-programmed with the help of therapy and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Cheryl recently attended one of the patriot meetings at the Red Lion in Kalispell, Montana, where she “brought down the house” with her horrific tale of abuse. The courage that Cheryl displays is amazing, and her story, as painful as it is, needs to be heard by everyone.

Sadly, many children in the same situation as Cheryl never make it into their teenage years and often succumb to the horrific abuse and perish at the hands of their abusers, or they are sacrificed to Satan in blood rituals.

Cheryl, whose own child was sacrificed shortly after birth, has been witness to and has participated in rituals so evil that recounting them in this story is just too disturbing. Yes, it is really that bad.

Luciferianism, which is the worship of Lucifer, is so widespread and pervasive among the establishment class that it could almost be considered a world religion. Washington DC, Hollywood, professional sports, and the Christian church have all been infiltrated, along with too many other organizations to list here.

Cheryl Beck has been through more tragedy than any person should have to endure. But despite that, she has found the courage to speak out against her abusers and enlighten the uninformed about the horrific abuse of children, which still goes on this very day.

Cheryl was in the Flathead Valley recently and stopped by the Montana Gazette Radio studio while she was in town to sit for an interview with the editor of the Montana Daily Gazette, Jim White.


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  1. I would hardly say she “brought down the house.” While her story is tragic and probably true, she did raise many red flags among multiple people with her claims about Trump, the border crisis, people getting arrested and now actors in their place (HRC and Pelosi specifically), among other “Q” theories….with no evidence to back up her claims. The whole thing felt off – like she was a plant.

    • A plant?
      To what end?
      What would be the goal of a plant when you have been validated in your efforts in Kalispell to keep doing what you’re doing, regardless of who, whom, you believe is in power?
      A plant would have told you to sit down, shut up, and give up because “All is Lost!” , would they not?
      Would a plant tell you, the course of this nation and its survival is up to the person you’re staring at in the mirror? That the time to sit idly by has come and gone, and you must pick a side, freedom or tyrrany?
      “Q”theories? or Facts easily seen by awake and trained eyes? The masks have been so obvious. The fake Oval Offices, planes, helo, landscapes, CGI, Green Screens, “Beast”, Military personnel, SS personnel, inauguration…SO OBVIOUS IF you take the time to look carefully. That’s not “Q theories”, those are self-evident pictures and videos.
      The last time I looked, there’s still a fenced in DC Capitol area, the Pentagon is STILL not communicating with the Byedem “admin”, and the W.H. lights go off at 11pm every night. First time in history. Those things aren’t in Q. “Q” hasn’t posted in months.
      So, you would go as far to believe that some type of conspiracy by leftist powers that be, helped me win a local contest to stay at the Kalispell Grand Hotel, picked out the exact dates to travel to Kalispell, put me on the exact flight, seated with one of your own, who I just happened to get into a conversation with…and then by, what, remote psychic influence? prompt that Patriot to invite me to attend the meeting…then, without the lead lady vetting the book and note I handed her, I somehow influenced her to invite me to speak?
      That is quite a conspiracy theory!
      Did you not understand that I have a vetted history with Jim, and a REAL Book of documented Facts?
      I would encourage you to have a conversation with Jim, take a look at the book he has in his possession. Put my name in search engines.
      @CABeck1961 on Twitter.
      …and IF by chance you are a Christian, talk to our Father about me, because He was the one that orchestrated the dream/visiion of a Ranch for the Children in the Kalispell area two years ago. My “fleece” with God was winning the contest for the stay at the Grand Hotel, and other prizes. I never win stuff. I won that random draw contest. I toured the Ranch we wanted to look at. I only had the tour and the interview with Jim scheduled. The rest, and, I tell you, there’s even more incredible events that God arranged, was totally God’s doing, and I am so grateful to Him.
      There is simply no logical “end result” that justifies your theory of me being a “plant”.
      By whom?
      Those whom I have fought against my entire life?
      Did I not urge people to Save our Children?
      To Stand? To act? To keep on doing what you’re doing? I was so impressed, I want to do more in my current community here in AZ!
      I would have been more than happy to have had a conversation with you reg your concerns.
      I do have connections with people and intel sources.
      I am working with others to save our children.
      …and we ARE going to buy land, or an existing Ranch, and add specifics needed for our calling to love and heal the rescued children, in the greater Kalispell area, as God has directed us to.
      Until we have more properties to scout out, I am home in AZ, and I am grateful for the wonderful people I met during my stay in Ka.ispell. I wish you nothing but continued strength, growing numbers of patriots, the favor of God and His Blessing upon you and you all, and many victories in the restoration of our civil rights, freedoms, and a true Constitutional Republic. I noted your flag at the mtg was NOT gold-fringed. Yes!
      Sincerely, Cheryl Beck.

  2. Also, I see Cheryl responded to comment, I want to say, I am not calling you a liar, in my last comments. In fact, I believe in always learning more. You do not strike me as a liar or a teller of tall tales. I am not going to make any such accusation, it just wouldn’t be fruitful or true. I commend you for the work you are doing, and I hope you keep doing it and that you can get more of the disgusting sex rings, whatever they are affiliated, brought to justice, and that these things WOULD truly come to light. So keep on fighting. But I do still stand by what I previously said as well. I don’t believe these two things to be incongruous.


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