New TP Shortage on the way. Food and Agricultural Products Predicted to be Affected as well


Wiping your “hiney” could pose to be more of a problem than ever. Yes, the “Novel Coronavirus,” which put millions in illegal lockdowns, caused a shortage of toilet paper like none the world has ever witnessed (along with the hoarding of toxic hand sanitizer to boot) but this is a different kind of shortage.

3d Render Concept Hoarding Of Toilet Paper Because Of ...

“But now experts say a brand new toilet paper shortfall could be on the horizon due to the lack of availability of shipping containers and space on cargo ships.” 

Suzano SA CEO Walter Schalke, whose firm produces the wood pulp that’s key to manufacturing bath tissue, told Bloomberg, “Shipping problems threaten to delay his company’s shipments from South America and could ultimately leave store shelves tissue-less once again.”

The shipping container shortage problem has been playing out for months due to high demand from China and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy. Suzano SA transports its materials in loose quantities called “breakbulk.”

Schalke says his company is facing the threat of exporting less of the raw material than planned this month, and shipments could spill over into April, clogging supply lines.

“If the wood pulp trade experiences significant setbacks, bathroom tissue producers may be left without sufficient supplies to put out their product. All the South American players who export through breakbulk have faced this risk, he told Bloomberg. Brazil is a top producer of pulp, and Suzano accounts for about a third of the world’s global supplies.”

There are a “lack of available shipping containers, lack of space on cargo ships” and “wood pulp setbacks.” 

While the first TP shortage was due to people thinking they could NEVER leave their house again, this time, it’s coming because of actual shipping container HOARDING. 

Who is the big player here? China. China has been demanding shipping containers for months. 

Not surprisingly, shipping markets could pose BIG PROBLEMS. Rising freight costs will, in turn, cause inflation. Food and agricultural products could be affected as well.

It was just a matter of time.

Self-sufficiency is a wise skill to learn, as is the art of proper food storage and forethought for the future when it comes to obtaining essential everyday items for survival. 

Of which toilet paper is at the top!


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