Music Artist “Sting” Urges Businesses to Hire Persons with Down Syndrome


Sometimes “Inclusivity and Diversity” is a good thing. “Sting” lifts up those with Down’s.

Once in a blue moon, a great thing happens. And that “thing” is British singer “Sting” (‘s) newest hit song entitled, “The Hiring Chain.”

69 year old “Sting,” whose real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner is a British singer-songwriter from Wallsend, Northumberland, England. He was the lead singer in the band “The Police.” Some of his most famous prior hits include: “Roxanne,” “Every Breath you Take,” “Fields of Gold,” and many more. But nothing compares to “The Hiring Chain.” 

Incredibly poignant and inspiring, this engaging tune promotes those with Down Syndrome and calls for inclusion in the workforce. Folks with Down Syndrome are pretty capable of many things given a chance to fly. 

Based loosely on a nursery tune and poems of old, including an eclectic mix of “The Farmer in the Dell” and “The House that Jack Built,” this new hit starts when “the baker hired Simone,” which then set off a chain of reactions. 

And so, a new “trend” has started. (Not all trends are extraordinary or noteworthy or even meant to last over time, but this one indeed is.)

Sting wrote the song in honor of “World Down Syndrome Day.”

To watch Sting’s video and read the companion article Click Here

In a world where many choose and desire to murder their babies with Down Syndrome, (once they discover the Trisomy 21 anomaly,) we applaud those like Sting. In honor, he is standing up and rallying for a better life for these beautiful people. 

In 2018, a press release headline stated, “42% Increase in Abortion for Down’s Syndrome over 10 Years -Likely to Get Worse.”

In a world where you can “be anything” be an advocate for life, from the cradle to the grave. 

By hiring people with Down Syndrome, we allow them to excel and use the giftings God bestowed upon them as individuals. 

Psalm 139: 13,14 “For you formed my inward part; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.


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