Rollover Accident Nearly Takes Out Kalispell Woman’s House


Update 4.1.2021 8:00 AM MST

The following text is quoted off of a Telegram post from the resident whose home narrowly missed being destroyed. Post 1 Post 2

“I didn’t see it happen I was in my house. But, after he got outta the car he told me he was accelerating to pass the woman in the truck and as he was trying to pass her she sped up they went back and forth at this. He accelerated to go around her again as he started going her truck made contact which instantly flipped him over and rolled up onto our mailbox.” He was 100 percent sober. They did a field sobriety test. Speed was more the factor. …He wasn’t wearing a seat belt he is lucky to be alive…we called an ambulance but he walked away with no scratches or anything. I’m sure he will hurt tomorrow tho.

(Kalispell, MT) A car traveling West on US Hwy 2 in Kalispell was apparently “bumped” by a pick-up truck that caused it to lose control and roll-over violently before stopping mere inches from a woman’s house located just off of Hwy 2.

Sadly, the good people of Montana are all too familiar with traffic accidents, especially those that end in a fatality, as Montana ranks the 4th most deadly state for traffic fatalities in the nation by capita. Thankfully, the driver of this crash was able to exit the vehicle while still drawing breath.

Oddly, the location of Wednesday’s auto accident was in almost the same spot as a motorcycle accident from 2 years ago that resulted in traffic being backed up on HWY 2 for as far as the eye could see. The previous accident was covered by NorthWest Liberty News and can be seen below.

The homeowner, who declined commentary, seemed as astonished as everyone else who was present at the scene. As witnessed by the photos, the accident vehicle was merely half of a rotation from ending up in the homeowner’s living room but did manage to destroy the mailbox located in front of the residence.

The near-disaster on Hwy 2 needs to be a reminder that tourist season is upon us in Montana and, as the weather warms, more people will be drinking and driving on those same tourist-packed roads. If you travel on Montana’s roads or plan to do so soon, always proceed with caution and be alert. Oh, I didn’t even mention avoiding the wildlife.


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