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New “Montana Public Health Institute” is Actually A Far-Left Group Funded By Vaccine Manufacturer


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The Legacy Press hasn’t told you who the Montana Public Health Institute really is, so we’re doing their job for them (again)

Although Lewis & Clark County’s Drenda Niemann takes the award for the most heavy-handed health officer in Montana, Matt Kelley of Gallatin County is a close second. The health officer has repeatedly bucked lawful demands from information requests looking into his conduct, refused demands of Montana’s Attorney General to stop picking on local businesses, complained that Vice President Pence didn’t get his permission to come to Bozeman, and has had repeated protests at his home on account of his draconian policies.

Most recently, Kelley made the local legacy press newspapers for taking a job with the Montana Public Health Institute. Predictably, the outlets could not be bothered with reporting on what the Montana Public Health Institute is, seemingly being incapable of investigative reporting or actual journalism.

The Bozeman Chronicle, which ranks far behind the Montana Daily Gazette in readership, seems to deserve their company’s impending death spiral if for no other reason, their incompetency at reporting facts.

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The newspaper said of the organization…

The Montana Public Health Institute was incorporated as a Montana nonprofit in April 2020. It is part of the National Network of Public Health Institutes and aims to strengthen public health system capacity and conduct nonpartisan research into health policy and health care funding, according to the MTPHI website.

Would it surprise you to find out that that organization is not “nonpartisan?” As stated, the Bozeman Chronicle merely quoted from the organization’s website without a hint of resolve to dig deeper before they report on a subject.


The Montana Public Health Institute is an “astroturf” organization designed to look local, when in fact it was founded in Washington D.C. and is a part of a much-broader, nationwide astroturf organization in what is approaching now 50 states. It is not, nor has it ever been, uniquely Montanan. The image below shows an outdated map of where the “affiliates” (shell organizations) of the much-broader National Network of Public Health Institutes are in the United States.

Progressives specialize in “localizing” extreme-left advocacy groups to make them appear native to their area. This is seen regularly each election cycle, as vast sums of dark money groups with the name “Montana” etched into the logo are designed to confuse and mislead voters (in a similar way, the Bozeman Chronicle is owned by the leftwing Adams Publishing Group in Minneapolis).

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The Montana Public Health Institute is nothing but the National Network of Public Health Institutes – a singular top-down entity and not a confederacy of independent, autonomous organizations as the name suggests.

As you can see from Influence Watch (above), the organization utilizes funding from two primary sources, the De Beaumont Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The mass funding provided to the organization gives them a staggering budget of more than 9 million dollars per year (see below).

But for those familiar with Dark Money, they are aware that leftist organizations channel their funds through two or three different shell organizations so that it’s harder to trace its source. Thankfully, you have the Montana Daily Gazette for that.

Portions of this screenshot are transcribed below for those utilizing accessibility apps in the sight-impaired community.

The report reads…

The de Beaumont Foundation is a left-progressive private foundation supporting aggressive and intrusive public health activism…

It attained some media notice in late 2020 for commissioning longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz to publish a report on how to persuade Republican-leaning voters to support aggressive COVID-19 restrictions, notably encouraging renaming “lockdowns” as “stay-at-home orders.”[3] The foundation had previously partnered with controversial left-progressive media figure Soledad O’Brien on a film promoting the notion that the response to COVID-19 showed that combating “stark inequalities” was necessary.

Should it surprise you then that the second-most controversial health officer in Montana was tapped by the organization that desires aggressive COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to “combat stark inequalities” and engage in social engineering? Why did the Bozeman Chronicle leave out this detail? Would it not have been a good tidbit of information that readers should know to fully understand the story?

The report by Luntz and commissioned by the organization proposed renaming lockdowns to “stay-at-home orders” in public messages, recommended avoiding terminology such as “order,” “mandate,” or “controls” in describing COVID-related infringements on civil liberties, and suggested that governments hide the source of lockdown orders behind “public health agencies” to avoid the negative connotations of the term “government.”

The organization’s publications even portray gun control as a necessary public health measure. In an APHA newsletter (another of its shell organizations) from 2019, de Beaumont Foundation alleged that gun control was an example of good public policy.

In the same newsletter, it also championed Planned Parenthood for – get this – trying to “reduce infant mortality rates.”

Nancy Pelosi was the keynote speaker at the event, according to the organization’s newsletter. Yet, none of this was reported by the Bozeman Chronicle, which could have easily ascertained why the organization would be so quick to hire a Bozeman health official largely known for pushing policies that stretch the limit of Constitutionality.

However, the other major donor to the Montana Public Health Institute is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It was named after the founder of Johnson and Johnson, a manufacture of the COVID-19 vaccine. Most recently, they’ve been in the news for botching millions of vaccines that have had to be thrown away for the public’s safety.

Do you see what’s happening? Do you understand the connection? An organization focused on pushing extreme lockdowns has partnered with an organization manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines and set up shop in Montana to supposedly advocate for public health. It seems, instead, they’re only advocating for their own greed and avarice.

Notice that the chief contributors to this organization are the Clinton Foundation and the Tides Foundation, two of the most prominent Dark Money groups supplying the cash for progressive organization, perhaps only behind George Soros.

Notice, from the screenshot below, that this is also a pro-abortion lobbying group.

Notice from the graphic below that the organization is also an anti-gun lobbying group.

Ultimately, Montana’s legacy press news outlets have failed us once again. They have proven themselves incompetent and incapable of researching even at the most rudimentary level. Surely someone in the mainstream media would think it important to connect the dots between this organization’s hire of Matt Kelley and their overall goal of forcing vaccines upon Montanans under the constant threat of draconian lockdowns.

What Kelley represents is the very worst of the so-called “public servant,” using out-of-state cash to lobby in the name of public health merely for the unseemly financial gain of major corporations hell-bent on forcing needles into people’s arms out of sheer profit motivation.

Shame on Matt Kelley and shame on the legacy press for not doing their job on this one.


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  1. “…policies that stretch the limit of Constitutionality.” Really? The 1st and 4th amendments are pretty clear. Matt Kelly violated fundamental law (there is a word for this).

  2. Great article. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is mentioned frequently as a sponsor on NPR for anyone who can listen to that without cutting their ears off.

    The Helena IR regularly publishes “articles” authored by Kaiser Health News.


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