Sell-Out ‘Americans for Prosperity’ Opposes Anti-Censorship Bill


In an unbelievable display of turn-coat Judas Priestism, a representative for ‘Americans for Prosperity’ appeared at the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee to testify against SB391, which will provide a system of due process to Montanans who are having their speech censored by Big Tech.

The bill, sponsored by Theresa Manzella and crafted by experts in the United States Constitution, will provide the due process to affected Montanans through the Public Service Commission, which is tasked with protecting Montanans against corporatism. Currently, the Public Service Commission protects utility rate payers and represents their interests. They also regulate taxi services and railroads. But initially, the PSC was tasked with ensuring that railroads coming into the Montana territories were not giving preferential treatment through backroom deals that were not in the best interest of the public.

Currently, Montana has no law protecting our citizens from Big Tech’s growing censorship. Without a doubt, that censorship played a role – perhaps a pivotal role – in the election of Joe Biden as president, who is no doubt the greatest threat to Americans having real prosperity that we have seen in a generation. Biden’s policies, which are effectively a slight reworking of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal, are coming to fruition because Big Tech stifled the free exercise of speech for 70 million Americans.

And yet, Americans for Prosperity – once a conservative organization – is now opposing SB391 in the Montana Senate, apparently oblivious to dangers to Capitalism and conservatism that Big Tech presents.

Americans for Prosperity was founded by David and Charles Koch in 2004 and lean Libertarian, with the central thrust of their organization afixed to battle unnecessary government regulation. And while the Koch organization has gone soft and turned leftward in recent years (they did not support Trump in 2016 or 2020 and most recently made repeated overtures to “building bridges” with Democrats), Americans for Prosperity remains laden with cash and has ingratiated themselves in the Republican establishment, far removed from their days bolstering the Tea Party movement.

In his introduction, Americans for Prosperity represenative, Patrick Webb, made the statement, “I am sympathetic…but…the solution to this problem is not censorship but the free market.”

We suppose Parler could be asked about what the “free market” is like under current conditions. Such is face-palming stupidity on parade.

Frankly, it left several proponents slack-jawed in guffawing disbelief. Stopping censorship is not censorship. Webb’s arguments were absolutely identical to those offered by Big Tech’s Silicon Valley lobbyists who insist there is nothing to see, no scandal, and things will work themselves out in a market that is enslaved to the monopolistic practices of our Technocratic Overlords who swung 2020’s election by the power of their viewpoint discrmination.

Let us be clear: If Big Tech censorship does not stop and stop now, there will be no economy for Americans for Prosperity to salvage. There will be no prosperity for them to promote. We are in a battle for our liberties and the future of our republic. Libertarianism, like most novel philosophies, looks fine on paper. But in reality, things are seldom so simple.

If Big Tech censorship does not stop, not even Koch Brothers’ money will be able to keep us from the dark, Marxist dystopian reality on our near horizon. Americans for Prosperity’s shortsightedness on this issue will leave them without America and without prosperity.

Conservatives can’t do our work to preserve our liberties (including private property ownership and financial freedoms) if we can’t win elections.


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  1. Americans for Prosperity is sold-out. But it didn’t happen just recently. It happened when Koch brothers disagreed with president Trump regarding tarrif war against communist China. And then, suddenly American dependency on products made by Chinese slave labor became a matter of ‘consumer choice’. After that, step by step, they just slipped from promoting individual liberties and open communication to opposing everything that didn’t fit to organisation’s official agenda.
    Patric Webb is a good man, he is not a sold-out person. He would not betray people people who he believes he represents. Unfortunately, he put too much faith in those who would.


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