Video: Feds Target Montana, Media Domination, Conspiracy Theories, and More with JD Hall of Gideon Knox


The founder and publisher of Montana Daily Gazette Jordan Hall is not known for mincing words, nor is he a fan of government tyranny, lies, and deception. A fiery pastor and widely published writer whose foundation rests upon truth and biblical, conservative principles, Hall has turned both phony religious leaders and phony politicians on their heads with his acerbic, take-no-prisoners writing style.

As anyone who follows Hall’s writing knows, he is never politically correct and calls people out by name when they deserve it. In summary, you never end one of Hall’s articles wondering where he stands on a topic.

Hall recently appeared on Montana Gazette Radio to discuss a few of the most pressing and timely issues facing the citizens of Montana, many of which have been covered by Montana Daily Gazette. On one such issue, the Marion, Montana federal weapons raid, Hall’s view is that a message was being sent by the feds that “we’re coming for you” if you are a Montana patriot.

Shifting gears to the soon-to-be-required “vaccine passport” being implemented across the world, the host queries Hall on the possibility that we have all been conditioned for years to accept the concept of a world that includes a loss of our individual rights. Hear what Hall has to say to that point below.

Fake news is dying a slow and protracted death, something covered numerous times on-air and in print by Montana Daily Gazette. During that same time period, Montana Daily Gazette continued to flourish with up to 6 or 7 times the readership as some of the online, legacy rags. When asked about the success of the Gazette and the reason why it is outpacing the competition, Hall had the following to say:

JD Hall is a polarizing figure who has taken his lumps over the years for speaking truth to power. But love him or hate him, one thing is for certain that since Hall’s arrival on the Montana political scene things have not been the same and likely never will.


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