Days After Vaccination, Gianforte Tests Positive for COVID-19


Governor Gianforte proudly took to social media last Thursday, showing off his acquiring of the COVID-19 vaccine. In the video, written about yesterday by Montana Daily Gazette, Gianforte promised Montanans that the vaccine was “safe and effective.” In that article, the Gazette factchecked the claim as “dubious,” pointing out numerous high-profile leaders who contracted COVID-19 after taking the vaccine.

Now, Greg Gianforte is one of them.

After taking the vaccine on Thursday, the governor began to feel symptoms of COVID-19 on Saturday and was tested earlier today. His test came back positive. He felt no symptoms of the virus before being vaccinated and was found negative by a test prior to being vaccinated.

Gianforte’s office has told the press that he will quarantine for ten days in his Bozeman residence and that he hasn’t had close contact with many people besides his friends and family.

Have no worry, however. The vaccine is totally safe and effective.


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  1. Just so it’s clear, I am not for getting the vaccine and I am for people’s choice on the matter.But I am tired of conservatives being portrayed as uneducated rubes. I like the Daily Gazette and check it out daily however articles like this take away your credibility. Vaccines do not work instantly, none of them do. Please be honest in your articles or you will be no better then the rest of the media.
    Thank you for the work you do it is good to have a local HONEST source. Please keep it that way.


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