Fact-Checking Gianforte: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe and Effective?


Taking a cue from nearly every other governor and civics leader in the United States, Greg Gianforte happily appeared in a promotional video for the COVID-19 vaccine, taking the first of his vaccine dosages on camera to prove that it’s safe. Some are wondering if our political leaders doth protest too much and why, if it’s so astoundingly safe and necessary, such propagandic videos are necessary in the first place.

For the sake of honesty and transparency in Montana media, the governor’s claims should be fact-checked against the best and latest scientific data.

In the video, Gianforte alleged, “I encourage Montanans all over the state to get your safe, effective vaccine.” These two claims – that the vaccine is both (A) safe and (B) effective should be rated by independent fact-checkers as dubious.

There are currently three COVID-19 vaccines from three different manufacturers in the United States, including Phizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. A fourth manufacturer, explained below, is also entering the market.

The Phizer-BioNTech vaccine includes two shots, 21 days apart. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list its side-effects as nausea, fever, headache and chills. The CDC also acknowledges that numerous test subjects, “in the clinical trials went to the hospital or died.” Phizer-BioNTech claims the vaccine is 95% effective as stopping the test subject from acquiring COVID-19 in laboratory-controlled studies.

The Moderna vaccine includes two shots, taken 28 days apart. It has similiar side-effects, with a warning that taking the vaccine may make an individual sick enough that they “cannot perform daily duties for several days and up until one week after taking the vaccine.” It claims to be 94.1% effective at stopping the COVID-19 virus.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine includes only one shot and has similar side effects as the other two. However, the manufacturer warns that it’s “likely” to give the side-effects mentioned above with the other two vaccine manufacturers. It is only 66.3% effective at stopping the spread of the virus.

Normal efficacy rates for most vaccines ordinarily taken by first-world residents hovers between 99% to 100%, meaning that these vaccines have a considerably lower threshold for success.

However, a fourth vaccine manufacturer was scuttled just this weekend after its lab had manufactured tainted and contaminated doses that could kill those taking it. It’s now finding a new home to produce the vaccine.

AstraZeneca was the pharmaceutical company making COVID-19 vaccines at the Emergent BioSolutions Inc. Bayview facility, which also produces vaccines for American consumption on behalf of Johnson and Johnson. In that facility, 15 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine were contaminated and, if shipped, could have killed millions of Americans, or at the very least, made them violently ill. The federal government has now required AstraZeneca to manufacture vaccines elsewhere, not trusting the facility. The contamination was discovered after a routine quality control exercise.

The mishap caused the lab to mix ingredients of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and it could have been a fatal cocktail.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was halted for everyone except the elderly in numerous nations, including our neighbors to the north, Canada. The reason for canceling the vaccination process for younger people is that the side-effects and potential risk do not outweigh the positive benefits, chiefly immunity from a cold virus that doesn’t kill healthy people.

On 30 March, Canadian provinces suspended the use of the vaccine in people aged under 55. The pause was recommended by the country’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), which pointed to reports of “rare cases of serious blood clots” in Europe. These included instances of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), the agency said. Most but not all cases had occurred in women aged under 55, and the syndrome typically appeared 4 to 16 days after receiving the vaccine. The fatality rate among those developing such clots had been as high as 40%, said Shelley Deeks, vice-chair of NACI, announcing the recommendations. “There is substantial uncertainty about the benefit of providing AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccines to adults under 55, given the potential risks,” she said, presenting the recommendation as a temporary measure while more data are gathered (source link).

Meanwhile, a whistleblower report filed only five days ago by the Office of Special Counsel with the Food and Drug Administration warned that a Johnson and Johnson vaccine plant – operated by Merck- was overlooking serious contamination risks in their haste to bottle the vaccine. Former FDA safety officer Arie Menachem alleges in the complaint that inspectors downgraded the Merck facility in Durham, N.C. to a status that would not require intensive sanitation checks. Effectively downgrading the facility’s needs for quality control and safety inspection, the complaint alleges that the sweat-shop environment of the plant has led employees to defecate in their scrubs instead of being allowed to go outside to use the restroom. The government’s immediate response was to remove the plant’s requisite for health inspections (source link).

Meanwhile, what Gianforte meant by calling the vaccines “effective” determines whether or not the statement was factual. As far as vaccines go, these four manufacturers’ claims of efficacy are wildly below other vaccine “success rates” for most modern illnesses. But the truth is, there simply is not enough data that has yet to be studied to determine whether or not the vaccines will be effective.

Many high-figure figures have tested positive for COVID-19 after filming a similar vaccine show-off video like Governor Gianforte’s. Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernandez, glibly took the vaccine for the cameras, only to come down with COVID-19 not long afterward (for fairness, this was the Sputnik V vaccine manufactured by the Russians, and is not available in the United States). In the state of Louisiana, a study revealed that at least 126 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. A Long Island woman tested positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated, apparently picking it up from her family at a reunion. Dozens more Washington residents tested positive after being vaccinated. A 23-year-old in Virginia tested positive after being vaccinated. The same is true for a Connecticut woman, 144 people in Michigan, many in New Mexico, and 200 in Sweden.

Big Tech’s throttle on free speech doesn’t allow news media to put the pieces together in nationwide stories on the real efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, but there’s enough anecdotal evidence from all 50 states to suggest that the vaccines are far less effective than we are being told.

Ultimately, Governor Gianforte’s claims that the COVID-19 vaccine is both “safe” and “effective” is dubious and medically unproven until more data is presented in an environment that doesn’t foster or reward censorship in the name of public health.


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