Video: Patriots Respond to the Question, “Would Jesus Take the Vaccine?”


Of the numerous methods employed by Big Pharma to peddle their poisonous, chemical injectables, perhaps none is more insidious and disingenuous than the “what would Jesus do” mantra espoused recently in the wake of the Covid vaccine release.

That’s right, the same group of villains who advocate infanticide up to the point of birth somehow think they have the moral high ground to preach to the rest of us about what Jesus would or would not do. It would be comical if it wasn’t so sadly hypocritical.

Unfortunately, it is not only the left who are “vaccine shaming” freedom-loving, patriotic Americans but so-called religious leaders, like Franklin Graham, have now begun to further the narrative that everyone should get vaccinated because of, well…Jesus.

Pastor Jordan Hall and Patriot-Activist Ammon Bundy were both on Montana Gazette Radio recently and were queried by the host about their thoughts on whether Jesus would have taken the vaccine if He were alive today. See the response from both gentlemen by clicking the video link below.


You can watch the full interview with Ammon Bundy and Jordan Hall by clicking the video link below.


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