Activism Fast Fence: This Company is Helping the Government Persecute...

Fast Fence: This Company is Helping the Government Persecute Christians In Canada


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When the Third Reich was implementing Hitler’s Final Solution, it wasn’t only uniformed Nazis who were assisting the persecution of Jews. A plethora of contractors, builders, and civilian engineers helped to build the gas chambers, run the railroads taking Jews to the ovens, and helping to facilitate their extermination. Ultimately, they were as guilty as those wearing the German uniform, and the term “crimes against humanity” developed at the 1945 Nuremberg Trial to describe such crimes committed against the innocent, even if not committed as “war crimes” during an armed conflict.

Read more about the Canadian government’s persecution of this church here.

Please meet Fast Fence, a private contractor located in Edmonton, Alberta, which is helping tyrannical officials illegally fence off property belonging to FaithLife Church. Their crimes include meeting for worship on Sunday. Fast Fence, however, doesn’t care that the church’s only crime is not an actual crime or that it’s at the center of international outrage regarding the criminal incarceration of the church’s pastor and systemic persecution of faithful worshippers, law-abiding citizens, and innocent families.

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Vehicles belonging to Fast Fence were photographed at the scene building the fence which would keep worshippers away from their property. Despite the church providing no actual public health risk and no known cases of COVID-19 spreading from congregational worship existing, this company appears happy to make a few extra dollars by building a concentration camp fence around the facility.

The address for Fast Fence is 9004 Yellowhead Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 1G2. Their phone number is 1-888-987-FAST.

This is the link to Fast Fence reviews on Google, where you can leave a review (or click below).

You can also make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau here.

Soren Wakelin
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Montana Daily Gazette called the office, and its sales manager – Soren Wakelin – answered the phone but responded to our inquiry with “no comment.” However, if you would like to provide Soren Wakelin your own comments, his email is

The operations manager is Adam Laskey, and he can be contacted at Another contact for the company is Glenys Babuik and her email is

Amazingly, after assisting the government in their absolutely unnecessary and prejudicial discrimination against this peaceful church, Wakelin is complaining on his Facebook page about the “hate” he has received today. One can only imagine a fascist contractor building shackles for Jews complaining about the “hate” he got from the Allied forces. Forgive us, as we listen to the world’s tiniest violin in the background.

Currently, you can still leave a comment on his Facebook page here. Wakelin has deleted several comments in which he continues to attack Christians for their “hate,” lacking the self-awareness to understand that taking money to lock them out of their property is extreme hate.

Wakelin’s LinkedIn page doesn’t mention that he specializes in accepting public funds to persecute Christian churches, but you can still see his page nonetheless here.

By “religious people,” Wakelin means people who are upset that he’s assisting in the persecution of Christians. How dare they be upset about it.

If you would like to tweet Wakelin to ask him to repent for this crime against humanity, this is his Twitter profile.

Meanwhile, it seems that Wakelin is most perplexed that anyone has a problem with fencing in the church’s property. Amazed, confounded, and confused that anyone would take exception with profiteering from fascilitating the systemic persecution of an entire religious community, it seems that Wakelin needs Christians to talk very calmly and very rationally with him to explain why his actions are so detestable.

In the event that Wakelin shuts off access to his email and social media, it might be helpful to know his home address to send polite cards. If you know his home address, please email so that we can organize a hospitality basket.


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