“Green Decoy Group” Killed Bill Allowing Disabled Montana Vets to Hunt with Crossbow


Republicans win elections when they act like Republicans and conversely, Democrats win elections when they act like Republicans. Montana liberals know that the state is full of outdoorsmen, and they use this fact to manipulate a populace that is otherwise disinterested in their big city, liberal ideas. Using so-called “Green Decoy groups,” anti-hunting leftists masquerade as pro-hunting conservatives, only to undermine our liberties to put food on our table.

You can read more about Montana “Green Decoy groups” here. Almost universally, the organizations raie funds from outdoorsmen, only to put it into lobbying efforts to stop our access to hunting or to promote Democrat candidates for office. Montana voters should be aware of their fraudulent tactics.

Most recently, an anti-hunting Green Decoy group called Montana Bowhunters Association opposed legislation by Sen. Brad Molnar (R-SD28) that would have allowed the disabled to hunt with a crossbow during regular bow season. Molnar, who has limited range of his shoulders, is unable to pull-back or effeciently hold a regular bow and therefore understands well the plight of the differently abled.

You can actually see the “pro-bowhunting” organization oppose letting the disabled bowhunt on their website in a prominently displayed banner (see below).

And, you can see their call to action against the bill below.

What Montanans need to know is that Montana Bowhunters Association is not filled with actual bowhunters, but by far-left, out-of-state special interests who want to keep hunting to a bare minimum in order to protect the animals that Montanans eat and wear.

They also opposed similar bills in 2018 and 2014 (see below).

Sadly, the organization has convinced numerous archery organizations that they are for archery hunting and not primarily motivated by anything that results in more wildlife being harvested by Montana hunters. You can see their donors below.

The bill, which was tabled in committee on March 30, had numerous differently-abled Montanans testify on its behalf. Several supporters of the bill were disabled veterans. This seemed to be of no concern to the Green Decoy group.

Opposing the bill, Green Decoy president, Steve LePage, said, “Crossbows belong in the rifle season where they are already legalized and there are ample days throughout the year to use them.”

Actual hunters know that bow-season is the time period in which it’s most possible to stalk game and get within bow range. By the time rifle season starts, elk are usually harvested beyond bow-range and even with rifles prove a challenge to take several hundred yards away. The attempt by this Green Decoy group to stop disabled Montanans – even disabled veterans – from using their bows is simply a part of their overall effort to spare as much game as possible from being harvested.

For more on Green Decoy groups fooling Montanans to earn their support and donation dollars, click here.


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  1. As a conservative and member of the Montana Bowhunters association for 20 years, I’m appalled at this article. I love your publication, but your lack of intelligence in this issue is glaring and I’d love to educate you further. Please contact me or the MBA.


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