Can American Patriots Breach the Canadian Border to Liberate Our Christian Brethren?


What are American patriots supposed to do after watching the systemic persecution of our Christian brethren across the Canadian border? As local governments, operating under tyrannical executive fiat that runs opposed to the Canadian Charter of Rights, are imprisoning pastors and building concentration camp fences around their church property, is there anything that their better-armed neighbors to the South can do?


While the First Amendment only applies to American citizens, we recognize that rights are only rights because they are endowed to us by our Creator and given universally to all men. This is what makes rights inalienable. There is such a thing as the brotherhood of man (Acts 17:26) that transcends national borders, particularly for those who have been adopted as God’s children through faith (John 1:12).

At what point do American patriots, who are free men under the laws of nature and nature’s God, stop standing around to watch our Canadian brothers face tyranny? Being disarmed in servitude to an oppressive government, Canadians are less equipped to defend themselves and their rights than many a third-world nation. They are, for us, a solemn reminder that liberty cannot be taken for granted. They are also a reminder of the truism that once gun-rights are taken, other civil rights will be taken next – including the right to the free exercise of religion, peaceful assembly, and speech.

There is, of course, precedent for this in American history. Patriots from all over the United States including James Bowie, Davie Crockett, William Travis, James Bonham, and Micajah Autrey, flooded into Texas – which was not their nation, but an independent Republic – to liberate it from the tyranny of Antonio López de Santa Anna. That battle, famously lost, led to a war, famously won.

But Americans heading to Texas to fight for their brethren at the Alamo is not the only example. Countless American conflicts have been waged to defend the defenseless in the name of liberating humanity. We fought to save Jews from Hitler. We fought to preserve Europe from Germany, Italy, and Japan. We fought the Cold War to stop the oppression committed by the Soviet Empire. Americans have fought wars in places like Cuba, various Banana Republics in Central and South America, Lybia, and the Middle East to protect the innocent.

Meanwhile, despite many of us holding to the general principles of non-interventionism, the longstanding principle of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) guides us to pay special attention to that which is happening in the Western Hemisphere. Surely this goes as well for a nation that touches our border and shoreline. If the religious persecution in Canada is none of our business, then virtually no military operation since 1812 rises to the level of necessity.

The adage, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” applies to us nationally as well as individually. We must not sit idly by while our Canadian Christian neighbors are being punished by their government. And because we can expect no help from the Biden Administration, which is ever as bent on tyranny as Canadian officials, once again Patriots may have to do the dirty work ourselves.

But is it feasible to breach the Canadian border, head to Edmonton or another seat of tyrannical power persecuting Christians, and righteously tear down their fences and set aflame their tools of oppression?

Yes, it probably is feasible...once. After such an uprising, if it were to occur, it would become next to impossible to cross the Canadian border to liberate fellow believers. But for now, it is feasible, and it should be considered as a viable option for freeing our neighbors to the north.


Montana shares 14 border crossings with Canada, including the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Our border is 545 miles long (877 kilometers for Canadians). Three of the most traveled ports are Sweetgrass, Roosville, and Piegan. These three are the major trucking portals between Canada and the U.S. Sweetgrass has more traffic than all the other ports in Montana combined. Crossing into Canada using the Sweetgrass, Roosville, or Piegan ports is ill-advised due to the attention paid to them by immigration and customs enforcement on both sides.

Below are the border crossings between Canada and the United States:

  1. Roosville / Grasmere
  2. Chief Mountain
  3. Piegan / Carway
  4. Del Bonita
  5. Sweetgrass  /Coutts
  6. Whitlash Aden
  7. Wild Horse
  8. Willow Creek
  9. Turner / Climax
  10. Morgan / Monchy
  11. Opheim / West Poplar River
  12. Scobey / Coranach
  13. Whitetail / Big Beaver (which is permanently closed)
  14. Raymond / Regway

Ports of entry further to the east, particularly in the “Port to Plains” corridors, are usually traveled least frequently by regular passenger vehicles (there’s not much tourism to be had there, on either side), but truck traffic remains heavy. However, patriot forces have noticed that these ports, particularly the Port of Regway/Raymond, are least likely to check the content of passenger vehicles.

Typically, the Canadian port of entry at Regway/Raymond has only 2-4 staff on duty at any given time. The sheer rurality of the area places border guard reinforcements at a disadvantage. And while “running the gates” (technically, there are no gates) will certainly have your vehicle, license plate, and your identity known and an all-points-bulletin given to intercept you within minutes, it is plausible that a convoy of patriot vehicles could make it into Canada several miles before a Border Patrol aircraft could find your position on the roadways and intercept on the ground. Only with a significant logistical playbook could a coordinated pick-up by sympathetic Canadians be planned to acquire and “disappear” patriots who had crossed the border so boldly through a checkpoint.

Running that checkpoint, or another like it among the other 13 checkpoints between Montana and Canada, would be a necessity, considering the current travel ban between the two nations for those without good cause, essential business, or special permission to cross.

The U.S. and Canada still require that you must be traveling for an “essential purpose” to travel and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and Canadian Border Services Agency have turned away tens of thousands of travelers who they felt did not meet the essential travel requirement. Currently, travel restrictions will be in place until April 21. However, most experts – including “The Wilson Group” overseeing the restrictions” – claim the border will remain closed until at least June or until possibly the end of summer.

What about sneaking across the border without going through a Port of Entry? Clearly, this would also require logistics using the assistance of sympathetic Canadians, who could pick up and quickly re-locate patriots who have wondered across the border wilderness. Certainly Montana – in general- is a good place to make the attempt, as the American-Canadian border isn’t nearly so manned in the Big Sky State as it is in either Washington State or the Northeast.

However, post-September 11, the U.S. Border Patrol began putting in electronic monitoring equipment that had been developed originally for U.S. military use in Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and elsewhere, then refined on the Mexican border, since there were an increasing amount of illegal crossings as people from outside North America seeking refuge in the U.S. Much of this “electronic wall” is motion-triggered, and should someone cross at one of these points a Border Patrol agent will see it on a camera (or another device) some distance away so they can intercept.

Those specializing in trafficking black market goods have claimed on Reddit and Dark Web forums that it is perhaps easiest to traverse the border by boat or small aircraft, flying as low as possible. But again, this does not provide a high level of likely success.

No matter how one might go about it, it seems certain that whoever is able to traverse the border will be alone or with few others and not in large enough numbers to present a forbidable force against Canadian law enforcement. This means that whoever plans to go across the Canadian border must be prepared to do so stealthily and alone.


One of the most effective strategies to assist a Canadian uprising against their tyrannical government might be an attempt to supply their own resistance. Little can be done to stop drone travel across the border, which could theoretically carry munitions, firearms, and supplies necessary to liberate our friends from their oppression.

Again, this would require two-party participation, with both Americans and Canadian patriots cooperating to pass the goods between the parties. Thankfully, in the encryption age, there are secure forms of communication that can make such cooperation possible.

Canadians must take it upon themselves, as their sovereign duty to God, to defy tyrants just as John Knox argued is our solemn responsibility. Fences around churches should be torn down. Law enforcement vehicles used to impede worship should be stripped of their tires and sugar put into their gas tanks. Businesses that help facilitate Christian persecution, like Fast Fence, should be razed to the ground. Public officials who seek to remove religious liberties should be tried by Citizen grand juries, and then legally executed for crimes against humanity.

All of the above should be done with utmost moral clarity. It is grossly immoral to let evil men do evil things without reprisal. And most importantly, it is time for brave men to act bravely.


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