Illegal Immigrants Steal Benefits From Homeless Veterans in the New America


The treatment of veterans in America is nothing short of pathetic. If they are not getting sub-standard, delayed health care (something largely corrected during the Trump administration), they are being targeted by law enforcement with Red Flag laws in a move to steal their firearms.

Many veterans have had to endure horrific circumstances in the heat of battle and still harbor both physical and emotional scars for their troubles. Facing difficulty adapting to society once more, many veterans find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being homeless. In fact, the website “The Military Wallet” places the number of homeless veterans at 67,495 in America.

With money printing reaching a level never before seen in this country, one would hope that some of that largesse’ would make it into an account that would benefit veterans, especially homeless veterans. Sadly, that’s not the case. But it gets worse, as the Biden administration has set aside $86 million for illegal immigrant housing.

Every day across America, numerous veterans suffer from terrible disease, PTSD, crime, homelessness, and even death. It is nothing less than despicable how we, as a nation, treat our beloved veterans. Jim White provided commentary on the topic of homeless veterans on Montana Gazette Radio recently. His commentary can be accessed in the video below.


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