Montana Pauses Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccinations Because It’s Killing People


“The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and accessible” – Gov. Greg Gianforte, April 1, 2021

Three days before testing positive for COVID-19, Governor Greg Gianforte assured Montanans that the COVID-19 vaccine was “safe” and “effective.” The Montana Daily Gazette fact-checked his claims and pointed out that many nations and various health agencies – some of the, prestigious – do not believe the vaccines are safe for all people and have limited their use only to those with a realistic chance of dying from the virus.

Government officials and attention-seeking celebrities who claim that there are no associated health risks for the vaccines are doing so in explicit and direct negation of the claims made by the vaccine manufacturers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All of these organizations have issued warnings of possible side-effects of the drugs and have repeatedly emphasized that the vaccines are experimental. In fact, the CDC has state repeatedly that the three vaccines approved for use in the United States were done so as an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which allowed the drugs to be administered with none of the typical tests conducted to ensure their safety over the usual two-year time period.

Now, Montana counties have gone on to ban the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of deaths attributed to the vaccine due to blood clotting. The issue with blood-clotting has reportedly caused hundreds of deaths nationwide, and numerous nations have banned the vaccine altogether based upon these accounts.

Johnson & Johnson and the CDC are telling consumers that the vaccine has “little threat” to cause deadly blood clots, but admit that the threat exists and acknowledge the claims should be properly investigated. Currently, Big Tech’s “fact check” articles rating such claims as “false” still exist on Google and Facebook, despite the federal government and Johnson and Johnson having admitted that at least six have died from blood clots caused by the vaccine, and likely many more.

The decision by numerous Montana counties, including Yellowstone, Cascade, Gallatin, and Missoula Counties have stopped administering the vaccine based upon federal recommendations to halt its dispensing. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was administered in one-dose, which is preferred for the housebound and elderly.

Several Montana counties have reported to the press that they plan to replace Johnson & Johnson vaccines with those produced by Moderna.


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  1. Your information is incorrect there are not six deaths reported at this time related to this vaccine. Nor are these vaccines considered experimental. In addition use of these vaccines in this country is the same as it is in other countries that have similar supplies & resources. All use of this vaccine has been paused in Montana add elsewhere in the United States as this condition is investigated

    • Yeah okay. They actually are experimental by dissension given that Tunney haven’t had a normal trial and test period…. Duh.


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