Criminal or Incompetent? Either Way, District 5 Trustees Have Some Explaining to Do


There is a scandal brewing within the ranks of the mask-loving, power-hungry School Board Trustees of Montana’s District 5. No strangers to controversy, the current board thumbed their collective noses at the concerns of dozens of parents who have children enrolled in Flathead County’s largest school district when they voted to keep the students masked up for the remainder of the school year.

However, the spotlight that is now shining on 9 of the 11 school board members might soon be coming from a Lewis and Clark county attorney instead of Flathead patriot groups as the trustees have violated Montana law and are now subject to prosecution.

Montana Code Annotated governs the conduct of both Montana citizens and elected officials. When violated, the offender has essentially broken a Montana law and is subject to penalties or fines for doing so. When it comes to political candidates, there is another layer of bureaucracy in Montana called the Office of Political Practices (OPP), which governs the actions of candidates and elected public servants and investigates any alleged wrongdoing.

Lloyd Bondy is a concerned parent and freedom activist in Flathead Valley whose daughter Madeline recently appeared on Montana Gazette Radio at the time she was spear-heading the mask walkout in Flathead Valley’s two largest high schools.

Bondy, a man of action, filed complaints with the OPP on April 5 with the intent of getting the publicly available forms (C-1A) that the candidates are bound by law to file within 5 days of becoming a candidate. When Bondy’s received the results of his complaint, he was amazed to find out that there was no registration on file for 9 of the 11 school board trustees, which means that all 9 campaigned, and are currently serving on the school board, unlawfully. Montana code annotated lays out the facts HERE.

Included below are links to the results of the OPP investigation launched by Bondy:

Kim Wilson

Amy Waller

Lance Isaak

Sue Corrigan

In response to the lack of proper protocol by the school board, Lloyd Bondy had the following to say:

I think it is important to note that the people on the school board currently and who are running as incumbents, yet can’t even follow the basic rules for running their present and past campaigns. This surely does not speak well for the way they have been or will be governing our schools. They should have been doing things the right way all along. – Lloyd Bondy – Kalispell parent

The school board is not the only culprit that may be in hot water as the District 5 school district also failed to notify the OPP regarding which candidates were running and which candidates won the District 5 school board election.

Keep an eye on Montana Daily Gazette for more revelations regarding this scandal in School District 5, as the results from the investigations into the remaining 5 unlawfully serving school board members are set to be released imminently.

Lloyd Bondy sat down with Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio recently to talk about the trustees and why he decided to launch an investigation.


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  1. I most definitely think they all should be held to account for there sloppy paperwork. If that includes prosecution then so be it. It does reflect a lax attitude for rules and there should be swift punishment.

  2. It seems that THIS school district, like many others have not read “2021 Stanford University report on the value of masks in preventing Covid-19 ” . A simple Duck-Duck Go search will bring the 31 page report, released to the US Government NCBI division . The result of many current studies around the world basically states…” …medical and non-medical face masks are INEFFECTIVE in stopping transmission of Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19 virus in human to human transmission….however, the physiological and psychological aspects are detrimental, serious and long lasting…..”
    The amazing part is that NOT ONE main stream media or social media would publish, report, or allow anyone else to note the report. Amazing, with one of the most controversial subject of our time, the value of masking, NO ONE would report on it. The lengthy report included over 60 scientists, doctors, and investigators….included many world wide studies that involved over 400,000 actual people in the studies…….I recommend EVERYONE read it, and put your pathetic narrow minded political views aside….!!! This is THE SCIENCE that everyone says they only believe in, so read it, and follow the science….throw away the pathetic dirty, disease ridden masks and make sure your school board members and representatives read the report.


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