HeadlinesReal News Like Montana Daily Gazette Flourishes as Fake...

Real News Like Montana Daily Gazette Flourishes as Fake News CNN Crashes


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From Western Journal – When former President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, he led off his remarks by saying “Do you miss me yet?”

From the perspective of CNN, the answer is definitely yes.

New rating data shows that without Trump as its foil, CNN’s ratings are tumbling.

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Although CNN saw its Trump-era ratings remain high in the aftermath of the Capitol incursion and the final days of the Trump administration, that bubble burst after President Joe Biden took office, according to Fox News.

Prior to Biden taking office, CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers in January.

Since then, however, the network is at about 1 million viewers, a 54 percent drop.

The picture is even worse among the 25-54 age group, a major demographic segment coveted by advertisers.

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From December 28 through Biden’s inauguration, CNN drew an average of 617,000 viewers in that age group.

With Biden in the White House, that’s down to 244,000 viewers, a 60 percent decline.

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