Toronto Housing Residents Ambushed By Government With Covid-19 Vaccines

As a mobile vaccination team from Humber River Hospital moves from floor to floor Friday, residents who are have registered for the vaccine wait in the hallways.

Many Toronto Community Housing residents were surprised to wake up last Friday morning to two hospital employee’s administering vaccines to residents. Many residents had no prior knowledge of the door-to-door vaccine plan.

The housing building was considered “high-risk,” prompting the government to push vaccinations through “mobile vaccination plans.” The mobile vaccination plans were heavily pushed by Toronto’s MPP, Faisal Hassan.

Hassan chalked the large number of unvaccinated residents up to “inequality” and initiated a “pop-up vaccination” area with Humble River Hospital. The housing community director, Bruce Malloch, promised the vaccines would persist until everyone receives the vaccine.

“If we miss somebody today well we’ll get them again, we will keep going until we can get everybody vaccinated” said Malloch. Malloch went on to detail the housing community’s responsibility over private healthcare decisions, saying: “Our role as Toronto Community Housing is to register tenants for a vaccination mobile clinic.”

This instance should be disturbing, but not surprising. Canada has been one of many countries using Covid-19 as an excuse to curb citizen’s civil liberties. From violating the right to worship to the right to privacy, expect the tyranny to persist.


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  1. Very interesting article, my cycle did change completely last month. 8 days late, then heavy cramps and bleeding, I went from 7 day period very regular to a 13 day period. I am not around many vaxxed, but more and more are getting it. I was taking Sea moss/bladderwrack/burdock root pills daily. I found out bladderwrack can adjust hormones and stopped taking them. My bloating went away immediately. I do have a colposcopy scheduled which really sucks. I will see what my next period will be like. I still do not believe vaxxed people caused my cycle to fluctuate.


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