Unvaccinated Women Report Miscarriages After Interactions with Vaccinated People


Unintentional effects of the Covid-19 vaccines should be expected as the vaccines are still on trial until 2023, but many of these adverse effects have startled the unvaccinated.

The reports began with an unvaccinated Instagram user sharing with her followers that after years of regular cycles she missed her menstrual cycle two months in a row. Shortly after she shared her experience, the woman began noticing mainstream news articles drawing a connection between menstrual issues and the covid vaccine.

After hypothesizing that women’s negative reaction to the experimental mRNA vaccines- even if they’re unvaccinated- may be due to shedding, many other women started sharing their testimonies.

The account went from 9,000 followers to 30,000 in less than 24 hours as she started sharing the testimonies.

Sadly, abnormal menstrual cycles weren’t the only adverse reaction to the vaccine in unvaccinated women, many suggested their recent miscarriages may be due to being around the vaccine and those vaccinated.

After reading hundreds of testimonies, the Instagram user learned many women experienced desidual casts, the lining of the uterus falling out. A quick Google search of the term showed a spike in search results in January 2021, when the Covid-19 vaccines were being introduced.

Many theorized that the Covid-19 vaccines would affect fertility and it’s starting seem as though those conspiracy theories aren’t all that crazy. For more testimonials watch this video.



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  1. There are THOUSANDS of stories flooding IG right now with testimonies from women of all of the above. Happy to see this made mainstream.

  2. Do people actually realize how common miscarriages are? This is another reason why women should speak up about their losses and not be forced to feel their pregnancies(and losses) should be kept a secret until a certain week!

    • What about the irregular bleeding in non pregnant. Yes, miscarriages are very common. There could be an up tick and I do respect women’s intuition.

    • Birthworkers are actually some of the ones speaking up about this huge increase in miscarriages they are seeing amongst their clients. One birth worker said that miscarriages are up by 400% since January.

    • So this experimental non vaccine – gene therapy uses a live virus or bio weapon the spike protein which cause antibodies to go after any spike protein in the body . Women’s uterus is made of spike proteins so the antibodies attack it ! Also this is a love vaccine they shed – just look up live vaccines and shedding . This is why women’s uterus’s are being attacked that are unvaccinated . It’s making women sterile. That was Bill Gates plan as a Eugenics person . But no one does any homework

  3. I haven’t gone anywhere in a year. I attended a wedding Saturday I was close to many people rectify vaccinated. Today, after no periods due to menopause for 2 years, I had some bleeding.
    I didn’t think anything about it until my sons physician girlfriend shared at dinner this debekoijf story. Maybe it’s from viral shedding from the newly vaccinated I came in contact with?

    • Same thing happened to me, Cindy. It’s been a year and a half since my periods have stopped; I’m 51. All of a sudden, less than a month after accompanying my father to the hospital for surgery where both his nurses and doctors had recovered from COVID and received the vaccine, I find myself having a regular period for a full week. You cannot tell me this is a coincidence. There are thousands of women experiencing this!

  4. Act on the Reform of the Communicable Diseases Law (Communicable Diseases Law Reform Act)

    Section 21
    In the case of a vaccination stipulated by law, one required under the provisions of this Act, a vaccination recommended to the general public by the supreme health authority of the Land or a vaccination pursuant to section 17 paragraph 4 of the Act on Soldiers (Soldatengesetz), vaccines containing micro-organisms which can be excreted by the vaccinated person and taken up by others, may be employed. The basic constitutional right to physical integrity (Article 2 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the Basic Law) shall be limited in this respect.

    The existence of nanoparticles and weaponized delivery systems and their will to use them against the people are all confirmed. This is no longer in debate. All that the judenpresse calls “conspiracy” is true. A people that will lie to you to your face about your present have never once told the truth to you about your past.

    If this is true and a “shedding” vaccine has been distributed, or the use of nanoparticles in our food supply or PCR tests, should ever be proven, must result in the immediate execution of all involved in this plot against the people, and all involved in silencing and attacking those calling attention to it… starting with the media. The penalty for this treason must be death. This is a direct assault against the autonomy of the entire population (of which their word for you literally means “livestock” or “cattle.” There is no forgiveness left.

    Evidence must be found that will stand up to a military tribunal; followed by firing squads.

  5. da igual nos van a matar a todos de una forma o otra , el plan malvado para reducir la poblacion esta en marcha , pero no pasa nada solo eran teorias de la conspiracion , pues ahora a cascarla

  6. Soy enfermera y me vi forzada a la vacunacion, mi menopausia esta en curso y tuve sangrado despues de la primera y segunda dósis. Esos procesos son tan especializados y la vacuna los interrumpe y los altera. Sé que ahora tengo riesgos de complicaciones que pongan en riesgo mi salud y mi vida. Eso es triste e indignante! Un crimen contra la humanidad….

  7. […] Unvaccinated women report miscarriages after interactions with vaccinated women. This is the second report like this. another was women reporting menstrual irregularities after interactions with vaccinated individuals. I’m wondering if these RNAs are replicating somehow, and becoming like a quasi-virus. Simple nucleic acid sequences, with no capsids, just the strand of DNA, can operate like viruses in bacteria, being exuded by one bacterial cell and taken up by another, where they go operational and multiply. Or perhaps human cells commonly have RNA viruses we have yet to detect in them, and these RNA strands are somehow reproducing using the machinery that those RNA viruses brought in and hijacking their capsid proteins to spread as viruses. The only other option is the shots are making humans produce some compound, like a pheromone or other chemical, which is altering female reproductive tissues. Very weird. Be something if these mRNA vaccines turned into some sort of virus themselves, and had a sterilizing effect as they spread. Then it would be a safe bet either aliens are in the mix somewhere and want the planet, or technology is far beyond what we have been told about, and the vaccines are some sort of sterilant. […]

  8. Please get the word out to everyone to report any of these effects to the VAERS website. Since the pharma companies and the medical industry cannot be held liable for any harm or injuries, its one way to make this public where the government can’t censor it since they created this site themselves for this reason (basically to pacify the public when they eliminated the liability for the pharma companies) https://vaers.hhs.gov/

  9. Very interesting article, my cycle did change completely last month. 8 days late, then heavy cramps and bleeding, I went from 7 day period very regular to a 13 day period. I am not around many vaxxed, but more and more are getting it. I was taking Sea moss/bladderwrack/burdock root pills daily. I found out bladderwrack can adjust hormones and stopped taking them. My bloating went away immediately. I do have a colposcopy scheduled which really sucks. I will see what my next period will be like. I still do not believe vaxxed people caused my cycle to fluctuate.

    • Omg I could have written this word for word! It all started for me last month too, my cramping was so bad for so long that I actually went to the ER thinking I was mistaking some other radiating pain for cramping and maybe my gallbladder burst or something lol I felt like an idiot when they said nothing was wrong, but this is all very new and strange for me. I went to my OBGYN and they also told me to get a colposcopy!

      I already had that done and again, they said nothing is wrong and they don’t know the source of my cramping or suddenly highly irregular periods. This is all so crazy and I don’t see how it can just be a coincidence.

      Good luck on your colposcopy, hope you feel better soon and we get some answers!

  10. I men were experiencing a issue dealing with the reproductive organ such as suffering from ED from either the shot or being near someone who had it, you can bet there would be a full fledged investigation or even a shut down in injecting people until the investigation is over.

    • Seriously, I hate how dismissive and condescending ppl are being about this whole thing. How can this all be coincidental, gimme a break! Like women don’t know their typical cycle and what’s abnormal for them, they’ve only been dealing with it every single month since the age of 12.

  11. For 33 years my cycle has been every 28 days for 8 days except when I discovered I was pregnant. I spent 3 days with my newly vaccinated mom last month. This cycle came at night, which has NEVER happened, and was the worst as far as bleeding-8 full days and 40 ultra tampons used along with 2.5 packs of 60 always size 5 overnight pads. I had migraine headaches, cramps so bad they caused vomiting and extreme exhaustion. This was the worst cycle I have had in all these years. I was passing clots ranging in size from golf balls to the size of the palm of my hand (size of Oscar Meyer bologna slice). The only change, I spent 3 days with my mom who was 2 days post second shot for Covid vaccine. Currently waiting on an appointment to see primary physician.

  12. […] Montana Daily Gazette сообщает на своём портале интересную информацию относительного того, какими случаями из жизни в социальных сетях делились женщины о неудачных случаях течения их беременности после взаимодействия с прошедшими вакцинацию людьми. […]

  13. […] Unvaccinated Women Report Miscarriages After Interactions with Vaccinated People: Sadly, abnormal menstrual cycles weren’t the only adverse reaction to the vaccine in unvaccinated women, many suggested their recent miscarriages may be due to being around the vaccine and those vaccinated. After reading hundreds of testimonies, the Instagram user learned many women experienced decimal casts, the lining of the uterus falling out. A quick Google search of the term showed a spike in search results in January 2021, when the Covid-19 vaccines were being introduced. […]

  14. I am so sorry to hear these many reports from women who have experienced menstrual and other gynecological problems or pregnancy miscarriages. I must point out, however, that it is tough to come up with a mechanism by which any of this is due to contact with people who have received a vaccine against COVID-19. I would like to see this put to rest so that these women can get the evidence-based medical attention they may need.I’m Jack, I’m a researcher with Critica and we’re studying how to help people evaluate the science of health and make health decisions. You can read more about our work here (https://www.criticascience.org/information-about-our-studies).

  15. […] Now I have a virus, that docks with the right receptor, so that when introduced into the population, it will produce a call for an RNA vaccine which will utilize a specific peptide product I have identified which will also target that specific, mind-altering receptor. I have the gene delivery technology that will persist in the system, and maybe even spread, individual to individual, according to some reports. […]

  16. I just had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. I’m unvaccinated and I’m around my fully vaccinated extended family every day. My miscarriage happened in the second trimester (happens to 1% of pregnancy) and just a few weeks after they completed their 2 doses…

    • Thank you Erika, (and all the others) for telling your experience. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a REAL phenomenon that is happening.

      In mid-May on a Saturday, I spent about an hour in Costco, and about an hour in one other store. Same thing the next Saturday. I am a woman in her 60s, will never take another so-called vaccine and haven’t in 20 years, and have been in menopause for 7 years now. Both Saturdays I had light bloody discharge in my underwear, similar to what happens at the end of a menstrual period.

      This is some type of electrical or radio waves that are in these so-called “vaccines” that also has to do with the “5G” that has been recently turned on all over the world.

      Don’t pay attention to the likes of the very evil “Jack” above here with one of the thousands of pro-“vaccine” websites. These paid-off shills of the very EVIL Jewish Rothschild banksters are swarming all of the comments sections and boards where this topic is being discussed.

      These evil banksters control almost all the countries of the world through their unconstitutional control of the money systems – where they create money out of nothing. They have been planning this “depopulation agenda” for decades now. Birth control was part of it, abortion being legalized was a huge part of it, and now we have the outright “culling” of the population, by the Rothschilds that want all the world’s resources and land for themselves. They consider us “useless eaters” in the words of the vile Henry Kissinger.

      See: ChildrensHealthDefense.org, Mercola.com, TheFreedomArticles.com, TruthUnmasked.org, for truth about so-called “vaccines” that are not vaccines as legally defined, and are experimental “gene therapy” that are meant to control you by becoming a robot, give you”mad-cow” disease (Crutzfeld-Jacob disease), and ultimately kill you after Big Pharma has made a lot of money off of you.. The mainstream media is almost all corrupt, and are lying to you constantly, making happy-talk to lull you back to sleep. This is what we reap for allowing this evil to get this far …

  17. I am suffering a miscarriage this week. I have TEN children- NEVER had a miscarriage EVER until now. I am so angry, I wish I would have known about vaccine shedding, I would NOT have been hanging around 2 friends that were recently vaxxed. You know what is really weird? When I went to the OB’s office to confirm the miscarriage there were ZERO, YES, ZERO other patients in the waiting room. Last time I had a baby there was always 5-10 people waiting.

  18. I am an unvax woman 70+ who has not has a menst cycle for 25 years. For 2 months now I have had mild cramping exactly like the onset cramps of my period so long ago. Something is going on, Im sure of it…..could being around vaxd people cause something like this?

    • No. It is impossible to be affected by a vaccinated person. If you have cramps, see a doctor. There might be something wrong with you. Listening to crazy unsubstantiated stories as if they are fact is going to be detrimental to your health if you ignore a physical problem.

  19. […] また、「予防接種を受けていない女性が予防接種を受けた人々との交流後の流産を報告する」というタイトルの報道記事があり、これが広範な現象になりつつあることを示している。 […]

  20. It is obvious the evil Jewish Rothschild Banksters’ operatives that be have hijacked this comments sections with their fake websites.

    See: Americas Frontline Doctors, Dr. Lorraine Day (a real prize !) drday.com, see Phizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon – search for all their videos on Bitchute, Odysee, and anything other than YouTube. And do not use Google either. Bing is not great, but much better than google. I am looking into “Brave” browser which is supposed to be much better.

  21. I am a female in my mid 20s. I have a hormonal IUD and I’ve never had issues with my cycle on it. I got it replaced in January and my cycle was still regular until April. A week or so before my period my breasts were very sore and then my period was a week late. the next month my period was on may 21st, ended may 27th. One week after it ended, my breasts became sore again and still are. My period started today, a week+ too early. I’m having more cramps than usual. I’m not vaccinated but I work with some people who are.

  22. Well this just utterly crazy. There is no mechanism by which an unvaccinated person can be affected by a vaccinated person. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use messenger RNA. There is no shedding. The protein that is used to deliver the message is gone after the message is delivered. It exists for a moment in time, delivers its message, and then is absorbed by the body as a harmless byproduct of the vaccine. You in no way can get it from being near someone who has been vaccinated, especially if they were not vaccinated recently. Further, there is no live virus in the vaccinations, so it is impossible for there to be “shedding”.

    Whether or not the vaccines can affect a women’s period who actually received the vaccine is another issue entirely.

    Most likely, you crazy people are bringing it on through stress. Stress is the #1 factor in unusual menstruation, and can cause heavy bleeding, cramps, migraines, and missed periods.

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