Biden’s Interior Secretary, Deb Halaand, Declares War on Montana Energy Industry


Rep. Matt Rosendale (R) and Sen. Steve Daines (R) did everything possible to deter President Joe Biden from nominating Deb Halaand as Secretary of the Interior Department. Sen. Jon Tester (D) – who claims to support Montana’s industries – voted for her confirmation in the U.S. Senate. Leftists promoted Halaand’s appointment and were quick to demand her prompt appointment for little reason besides her ethnicity. Halaand, an enrolled tribal member, is the highest-ranking Native American to serve the U.S. federal government. Opponents to Halaand’s confirmation, unsurprisingly, were called “racists.”

Rep. Rosendale signed a letter in opposition to Halaand’s appointment, which laid out Republican concerns. These concerns included…

  1. Halaand introduced Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal” in the U.S. House, which promises to strip Montana’s economy from the natural resources that sustains it
  2. Halaand’s proposals would end thousands of Montana jobs in the energy, aviation, travel, mining, and forestry sectors.
  3. Halaand’s proposals would immediately lose 8 billion dollars of revenue to Americans nationwide
  4. Halaand’s opposition to jobs capitalizing on a responsible use of public resources would scuttle – in particular – high paying jobs and replace them with minimum wage jobs (maybe)

Nonetheless, the de facto Democrat junk-blog in Montana – now out of business – called Rosendale and other Republicans “racist” for wanting to do right by Montana’s energy workers. Steve Daines can be seen in a video laying out his concerns here.

However, now that the dust has settled, it seems that the worst dreams of Montana energy producers are coming true. Halaand has declare war on Montana’s energy industry.

Halaand just signed two order designed to kill energy jobs. The first, Order 3399, forms a “taskforce” within the Interior Department to address “environmental justice.” That term, “Environmental Justice” is used by radical environmentalists to demand that trees, plants, and animals are wronged by human civilization. The goal of so-called “environmental justice” is to bounce humanity back to the stone age, eliminating our entire carbon footprint and shutting down industry in the First World.

The order also demands the taskforce make decisions based upon the “social cost of climate change.” The term, used above, was first used in 2008 by the Obama Administration as they designed a formula that could put a pricetag on environmental damange caused by CO2 emissions. The entire enterprise is designed to come up with a price that climate change costs the public, so that it can be used to adjust “cap and trade” carbon emissions. In other words, the goal of developing such a formula is to add a new tax upon industries – eventually passed on to the consumer – based upon what scientists hypothesize climate change will cost us in the future. The process is subjective pseudo science and a part of a taxation scheme designed to both kill energy production and also to better fund the federal government’s welfare obligations.

The Biden Adminstration has now ruled that industries will have to pay $50 per ton for carbon dioxide emissions. Under the Trump Administration, that figure was only $1 per ton.

Halaand’s other order, 3398, repeals numerous Trump-era policies that aid and assist the coal and petroleum industries, particularly as it applies to production on public lands. Halaand’s order establishes a moratorium on such exploration and development of energy.

Biden had promised during his campaign to “end the petroleum industry,” which would cost Montana 29 thousand high-paying jobs. It appears that Biden is keeping his promise. It appears that stopping the Keystone Pipeline on his first full day in office was just the beginning of his attack on Montana’s energy industry.


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