New Website Launched to Expose Corruption of Montana Supreme Court


Despite Montana’s mainstream press outlets largely ignoring the story, or at least omitting details that would put the court in a bad light, the corruption of the Montana Supreme Court has become a leading news story in alternative media. Montana Daily Gazette has published two articles on the Supreme Court scandal, first a general expose’ on the court’s bias and subsequent cover-up, and secondly, an article explaining the contents of the email dump that has exposed them. The emails were first published by Aaron Flint, of Montana Talks on NewsTalk 95.5.

The reader is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the scandal from reading the above-linked articles, but a synopsis is this…

After the passage of SB140, which gives the Montana governor the power to appoint justice and judge vacancies without the assistance of the left-leaning Judicial Nomination Commission, a group comprised of RINOs and Democrats sued the state to hopefully let the court rule the law to be unconstitutional. With the court in position to rule against the law (which the court would likely do, considering it’s left-leaning make-up), Attorney General Austin Knudsen became privy to a poll sent to judges and justices on behalf of the court administrator, asking where they stood on the law. In terms of judicial ethics, if a court judge has a preconceived bias for or against a law, they should recuse themselves. The poll revealed that the justices likely are biased (meanwhile, the Chief Justice had recused himself for personally lobbying Governor Gianforte against the bill, and his “impartial” replacement had to recuse himself after Knudsen became in the possession of an email in which he showed clear bias on the law he was the judge). Furthermore, emails released by Flint surrounding the poll indicate extreme judicial bias, contempt for legislators, and a culture of corruption.

However, when reviewing the four-batch email dump, readers may become easily confused and not know exactly what they’re looking at, who the players involved are, or what they are discussing. To that end, a new website has been established to chronicle the corruption of the court and its explicit bias.

Clean Up the Court is a new website, anonymously created, which will take the reader through an email-by-email explanation of what they’re looking at, as it pertains to the now-infamous email dump.

The website (pictured above) provides a description, “Read firsthand how members of the judicial branch improperly attempted to influence the legislative process, coordinate questionable activities with lawyers and lobbyists, ridicule the legislature, engage in unethical and unprofessional behavior and do it all on the tax-payer dime.”

The website then provides explantions for seven different email threads, explaining who the recipients and senders are and providing commentary on its contents. It is a greatly helpful guide for the layman to understand why the court must be vacated and replaced post haste.

The website also has a “news” section, in which it links several liberal press outlets that have marginally covered the story. Why the website did not cite the #1 online news outlet in Montana, the Montana Daily Gazette, is unknown. It did, however, cite the left-wing commentary site, Montana Free Press. It also linked to the National Review, which is a better resource than others mentioned.

The website also has a “tip line” that allows people to send in their inside-info of the court’s bias or corruption. Click here to see.


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