Bozeman Schools Starts Marxism Taskforce to Inject ‘Critical Theory’ into Curriculum


Yes, Bozeman Schools has a committee to brainwash children with Cultural Marxism

According to William S. Lind, Cultural Marxism came into being when the classical Marxist scheme did not work in Western Civilization in the post WWI era, as predicted by classical Marxists. Two Marxist philosophers, Antonio Gramsci in Italy and Georg Lukacs in Hungary, theorized that Marxism didn’t take root in the West because “Western culture and Christianity” had buffeted the philosophy, along with the mortal enemy of Marxism – upward economic mobility. In economically free nations in which fortunes could be earned and economic classes changed in a single generation, the workers were not nearly as interested in rising up against the wealthy because they, themselves, had hope of becoming wealthy (link).

Instead of traditional economic Marxism, what was proposed and advanced in Western Civilization far more successfully was Cultural Marxism.

Most Americans are vaguely familiar with classical – or economic – Marxism. Popularized by Karl Marx, the philosophy built upon the notion of collectivism (in which the “common good” outweighs personal liberties) asserts that wealth and property must be redistributed from the ‘haves’ to ‘have nots.’ To accomplish this end, which can be summarized as coordinated theft, a division is fostered between the lower, middle, and upper classes. The term “class warfare” describes the methodology Marx designed to accomplish the redistribution of wealth.


However, as explained above, Americans didn’t go for this because, in Capitalist nations, the poor can become rich the honest way, without theft or redistribution. The solution to this problem, for Marxists, was to create a Cultural Marxism that would divide people not by economic class, but by ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or disability/ability. By building an Intersectional coalition of people who identify as “oppressed” against their “oppressors,” Marxism could finally accomplish its goals of overthrowing Capitalism.

An integral part of Cultural Marxism is Critical Theory, sometimes called Critical Race Theory, which was developed by Marxists in American law schools in the 1990s (click here for more information). Attorneys wanted to get acquittals for their African American clients on various criminal charges, and so they wanted to demonstrate that racism was the reason for African Americans being charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned at higher rates than their white counterparts (they refused to consider that such a disparity exists due to more likely causes, such as the destruction of the nuclear family in the African American community, largely instigated by social welfare programs).

Critical Theory claims that an invisible “systemic racism” (racism manifested throughout an entire system, such as the legal system) exists, which cannot be quantified or proven with empirical evidence. The racism is so subtle, Critical Theorists argue, that one can’t exactly put their finger on what, in particular, is racist. To prove the claim of systemic racism, then, Critical Theorists invented concepts like “micro-aggressions” (offenses that are very slight, but prove racism exists, such as buying a Dora the Explorer Halloween costume for your non-Hispanic child, known as Cultural Appropriation). Because systemic racism in America cannot be proven (because it does not exist), Critical Theorists adopted a strategy from Third Wave Feminism known as “story-telling.” Story-telling is a part of Standpoint Epistemology (click here for more explanation). This concept asserts that although systemic racism can’t be proven with hard evidence, it can be proven by the anecdotal stories of oppressed people (and demands that society believe those personal accounts, no matter what).

Watch this for more information on Critical Theory

Critical Theory has its own catch-phrases and code words. When you see these words, you know that you’re dealing with Cultural Marxism. Chief among the words used by Cultural Marxists and Critical Theorists to promote their propaganda is the acronym, D.I.E., or diversity, inclusion, equity. Essentially, the end result of promoting D.I.E. is the redistribution of wealth, property, and privilege between identity groups.

When Critical Theorists use the term “diversity” they are referring to the concept of Intersectionality, which builds a coalition of oppressed identity groups against their oppressors (white heterosexual males). To accomplish this diversity, largely seen through quota systems and systemic bias in favor of minority identity groups, it requires individuals to identify primarily as members of their identity group and to cease identifying as individuals. In direct contradiction of Dr. Martin Luther King, Critical Theorists believe that “color blindness” is racist, and that people should be judged by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. Furthermore, this odd branch of Marxism holds that “whiteness” is synonymous with oppression, and “blackness” is synonymous with victimhood (remember that when you hear those terms used). Critical Theorists argue that Jews and Asians have “Whiteness” because they tend to thrive in America. Meanwhile, homosexuals and “transgendered” people have “Blackness” (despite their skin color) because they are oppressed, according to Critical Theorists.

When Critical Theorists use the term “inclusion” they are referring to the mandated approval of behavioral identity groups, such as homosexuals or the “transgender” community. Through the use of so-called “Cancel Culture,” those who object to the notions of Critical Theory/Cultural Marxism are excluded from the public marketplace of ideas. Here, Antifa shines. Designating words as violence, those influenced by Critical Theory seek to ban First Amendment liberties, silence free expression, and eradicate ideological contrarians from the cultural dialogue. In short, it’s not very inclusive at all, unless you’re a homosexual tranny wanting to read stories to kids on your lap at the local library.

When Critical Theorists use the term “equity” they are referring – not so subtly – to the redistribution of wealth, property, and privileges. In other words, it means “Marxism.” Critical Theorists use the term “equity” instead of “equality” because they desire an “equality of outcome.” In other words, they demand that everyone have the same amount of wealth, property, and privilege. This is why Ibram Kendi, who invented the term “Anti-Racist,” wrote in his book on the subject, “Racism is Capitalism. To be anti-racist is to be anti-Capitalist.”


According to an article in the mainstream media publication, The Bozeman Chronicle, Bozeman School District has an “Equity Task Force.” The term itself is a bold reference to Marxism, the lynchpin of Communist economic theory. As explained above, the purpose of “equity” is the redistribution of wealth, property, and privilege.

The article reads…

The Bozeman School District’s equity task force is developing a road map and a set of goals to guide its work building a school district that is “inclusive, diverse and equitable.”

These terms were taken from the book, Critical Race Theory, written by Marxists, Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic, and Angela Harris. The Bozeman School literally has a committee that exists to promote Marxism.

How many Bozeman parents are aware that their children are being subjected to Marxist curriculum?

According to the Bozeman Chronicle, the committee consists of “Trustee Kevin Black, Principal Adrian Advincula, Chris Greer-Young from the Montana Racial Equity Project, student members Olivia Bulis and Lauren Matthews, Sarah Sigler, a teacher in the district, and Godfrey Saunders, who previously worked in the district but is now the Belgrade School District superintendent.”

The purpose of the committee includes…

“…representing diverse voices and perspectives across the district on equity and race, eliminating disparities and inequitable practices, promoting inclusion, justice and equity in the schools and establishing a framework to transform the district into a leading institution that addresses the opportunity and achievement gaps for all students.

The underlying assumption of such a committee is that “disparities” of outcome and “achievement gaps” are caused inherently by systemic prejudice against oppressed identity groups. It does not take into account disparities of outcome and achievement gaps being caused instead by natural differences in acumen or intelligence, varying degrees of work ethic between students, or family and cultural differences in regard to how much they value education and personal achievement.

In a conservative state like Montana, our little blue dots – Bozeman, Missoula, Helena and several more – are busy promoting far-left ideas that even surpass the level of brainwashing one might see in Portland or San Francisco. Parents in these communities would do well to either take over their local school boards to expunge them of Marxists or to pull their children out of the government schools to give them a superior education at home.


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  1. Check out the website There is an article regarding Bidumb’s executive order that also includes grants to school districts that implement the critical race theory curriculum . Maybe Bozeman school district. is anticipating monies from the grant. Therefore the push for new civics curriculum???? Makes you wonder.


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