Under-Reported: When ‘Black Lives Matter’ Came to Whitefish, They Killed a Man


Xavier J. Chenault, 22 – an African American Black Lives Matter activist of Sacramento, California -murdered a white man in Whitefish Montana last summer, and Whitefish authorities and media swept certain details about Chenault under the rug. Chenault was an active participant for the Black Lives Matter organization and involved with their “travel teams” which go around the country to find places to instigate riots. Had the victim, Steven Speer, 25, been black, it would have been front-page news in the Whitefish Pilot. However, that was not the case as Speer’s death was tucked away in the recesses of the “Pilot” under “deaths” with no mention at all of the actual event. 

Xavier Chenault, who goes by the rap name “Zay Laurent”

Montana Daily Gazette has spoken to several Whitefish locals who have revealed that Chenault was with the Black Lives Matter organization and travel squad. One witness reports being told by Chenault days before the murder, “We came up here to see if there was any BLM activity.” He also added, “We wanted to see if there was much of a movement up here.”

Another citizen informed the Gazette, “He and his pals were all over the bar scene in Whitefish. They openly bragged about being employed by Black Lives Matter, which they called ‘good money.’ They were sent to Whitefish to see if they could get a George Floyd riot started there. They didn’t hide that.”

Warning, explicit lyrics in which he brags about “killing niggers.”

Other media sources stated that “Chenault slapped Speer, and he fell to the ground.” He actually slammed Speer to the ground from behind with intensive force and witnesses “heard his head crack.”

Chenault appears to have been stationed in the Rocky Mountain west on behalf of Black Lives Matter, and seems to have traveled back and forth between Sacramento and the region. He came through Bonner County Idaho in October – after the murder – where he was cited for marijuana possession, according to the Bonner County Daily Bee, their local newspaper. He was later arrested

The two men were roommates, and the altercation was over a woman both had been seeing. Sources stated that Chenault had “been in town several months” and was seen around Whitefish with other BLM comrades buying drinks for patrons and eating out often in restaurants in the downtown area. 

Here, Chenault is wearing the Star of David, a symbol representing not only traditional Judaism, but also the ‘Black Hebrew Isralites,’ a racist and anti-white cult popular among inner-city African Americans. The image is seen repeatedly in Chenault’s Facebook photos.

This wasn’t the murderer’s first assault. Just a week prior, he had throat-punched another man in Casey’s Bar in Whitefish and prior to that had been involved in other altercations. The police weren’t notified until the incident with Speer. Chenault had also been arrested previously in Seattle after kicking an Asian man in the head at a Black Lives Matter rally there.

Sources stated that after the incident with Speer, “Chenault got on a plane and headed back to California.” Later, other news sources revealed the killer was “arrested in Texas in November for resisting arrest.” 

It seems that everywhere Black Lives Matter sent the thug – mostly to rural America – he was committing crimes against the local populace.

And further, still others sources revealed that “Chenault, a BLM activist, was arrested for anti-Asian hate crime in Seattle.”

Chenault plead guilty to the charges and, in doing so, is facing a 15-year sentence to Montana State Prison with ten years suspended. However, along with the time Chenault has already served in the Flathead County Detention Center, those months will be credited.

 In other words, a cold-blooded murderer will be out of prison in roughly 4.5 years.  

Speer died alone. He was injured on July 30 and passed away on August 2, 2020. He was in the ICU in Kalispell Regional Medical Center for four days suffering alone. Speer tested “positive for Covid,” so even his mother was not allowed in to bid him goodbye. He died from traumatic brain injuries (blunt force head injuries).

In conclusion, Chenault, a BLM activist, murdered a white man in liberal-loving Whitefish MT. Speer, the victim, died a horrendous death alone. Meanwhile, Montana’s legacy press outlets intentionally left out this important detail regarding Chenault’s background and exactly why he was in Whitefish to begin with.


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