Urgent: If Montana Wants to Ban Child Sex Mutilation, You Must Act NOW


[Op-Ed by Jordan Hall] Currently, it is legal in Montana for parents to take their child – with no minimum age requirement – to their doctor to receive genital mutilation or other gender-bending “treatments,” including those that cause lifelong infertility. The LGBTQXYZLMNOP lobby wants this barbaric and inhumane practice to remain legal, and it appears that some Republicans in the Montana legislature are eager to agree with them.

There’s no doubt that we live in an age of insanity, in which those who live in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe demand that we live there with them. We live in an age in which the term “transgender” is used frequently, despite the objective reality that transgender people do not exist because no one in the history of mankind has ever transitioned their gender. We live in an age in which terms like “people with penises” and “people with vaginas” have replaced words like “men” and “women.” We live in an age in which we are expected to comply with pronoun requests we know to be fraudulent, based upon whatever gender someone wakes up and feels like that day (“gender fluid” is the fastest-growing category designation among those who suffer from gender dysphoria).

While some conservatives with a Libertarian bent balk at “legislating morality,” they overlook the reality that the notion of “transgenderism” is itself religious. The entire concept is built upon the presupposition that there is an inner self or spiritual being (essentially, a soul), completely divorced from the physical body, that can be a different gender from that of the physical body. The concept requires faith in the metaphysical or supernatural and is quite contrary to biological medicine and science. There simply is no foundation in science that would lead someone to rationally believe that it is possible to be born “the wrong gender.” Neither is it scientific to believe that slapping a pair of breasts and high heels on a man makes him a woman, or binding a woman’s breasts and putting a piece of silicon sculpted like a penis into her pants makes her a man.

Nonetheless, leftists are demanding that Montanans accept the notion that mental illness can be “treated” by cutting off genitalia. The barbaric and primitive practice is regularly carried out upon minors, in the name of religion, all over the world and is widely condemned by civilized people. But in America, progressive liberals proudly endorse the practice of mutilating minors in the name of the cult of transgenderism.

Montana HB427, sponsored by John Fuller (R-HD8), will make it illegal to cut penises off of little boys, to terraform the vaginas of little girls to sculpt a useless, dangling, functionless appendage, or to prescribe hormone-blocking drugs that delay puberty and make children infertile or sterile for life.

It seems to make total sense…if a mentally ill person wants to mutilate themselves, they are entitled to behave foolishly when they turn 18. No rational or sentient human being would allow five-year-olds the autonomy to put a permanent tattoo on their arm. No rational or sentient human being would allow a plastic surgeon to give a five-year-old a breast augmentation. Likewise, no rational or sentient human being would allow a surgeon to cut the genitalia off of a child merely because they asked for it.

However, these Montana Republicans are standing in the way between confused kids and the legislation that will keep them safe from the scalpel-wielding sociopaths who are happy to splice them and rearrange their parts for a few Medicaid dollars:


Primary ph: (406) 253-9724

Email: dan.salomon@mtleg.gov


Primary ph: (406) 740-0629

Secondary ph: (406) 748-4328

Email: goodwind1.duane@gmail.com


Primary ph: (406) 461-0744

Email: mrmac570@me.com


Primary ph: (406) 282-7435

Email: waltsales4montana@gmail.com


Primary ph: (406) 949-6070

Secondary ph: (406) 988-0090

Email: Jeff.welborn@mtleg.gov


PO BOX 131


Primary ph: (406) 265-0990

Email: Russ.Tempel@mtleg.gov


Primary ph: (406) 761-8533

Secondary ph: (406) 899-5000 Email: Brian.Hoven@mtleg.gov

In Missoula, a 14-year-old girl received treatments to stunt her feminine development and make her appear more boyish. This practice should be stopped, considering that 92% of youth who suffer from gender dysphoria resolve those issues and grow out of it by the time they have gone through puberty. A growing number of formerly-abused children are no trying to “de-transition,” because they grew up to regret their childhood decisions and they 100% support this legislation to protect other kids.

For more information on the damage inflicted upon children through “treatments” that emasculates or mutilates them, check out Mass Resistance here. Meanwhile, please call the senators (above) and encourage them to be on the right side of history, humanity, and common sense.


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  1. If anybody wishes to use this for a template, have at it. It is said that a short note is better, but not in this case
    I look across our country and what is happening and I can’t fathom the thought patterns of “responsible” adults. The travesty that is being inflicted on our children is beyond anything I have ever seen. In 65 years I have seen and heard a lot of awful things that people do to others. The crimes against children over the centuries are numerous and disgusting.  But lawful mutilation of Children is among the worst. These are kids that are at an age that is confusing. Do you remember your time at that age?  Let them be kids. Let them figure out who they are. It is an abomination to allow “responsible” adults to mutilate them. It is an abomination to allow “responsible” doctors to prescribe inhibitors that will ruin their futures before they have a chance to understand their future. 
    Are you “woke”? Or are you a protector of children?
    Jim Buterbaugh


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