Calls for Judicial Transparency Increases After Montana Supreme Court E-mail Scandal


As reported on several occasions by Montana Daily Gazette, here, here, here, and here, the Montana Supreme Court e-mail scandal has all the makings of a Constitutional Crisis and threatens to alter the dynamics of Montana politics for a decade or more.

The aforementioned e-mail scandal could even result in the impeachment of some current Supreme Court justices. While the Montana legislature seems to have the moxy for the task and Attorney General Austin Knudsen seems to have the will to do the right thing, time will tell if those actions are carried out to their conclusion.

As stated numerous times on the pages of Montana Daily Gazette and the airwaves of Montana Gazette Radio, the real power lies with the people and their ability to peacefully resist tyranny in all forms. In that vein, there have been numerous citizen groups that have formed and become active as the secrets of the judicial system become more and more exposed.

One such group that has taken up the mantle for judicial transparency is the Montana State Council on Judicial Accountability (MTSCOJA). Centered in Helena, the MTSCOJA is affiliated with the nationwide group, the National Forum on Judicial Accountability.

The group lists their mission and vision on their website, which has been reprinted below.

Mission: To guide and educate Montana Citizens and legislators about meaningful judicial oversight. To ensure the lawful, fair, and equitable administration of justice through accountability

Vision: The Montana State Council on Judicial Accountability strives to be an inspiration, a light, and a mentor by espousing judicial honesty and integrity. The Council will steadily root out unchecked judicial corruption and injustice through implementation of legislation and enforcement of current laws and ethics violations within the Montana judiciary.

The president of MTSCOJA, along with board member Janee Weber and Public Relations Committee Chair Tracy Parish, joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio recently. Their full interview can be seen by clicking the linked video below.


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