Former Kalispell Mayor Says Supreme Court’s Emails Are “Private and Confidential”


Tammi Fisher is the former mayor of Kalispell, is the podcast host of Montana Values, and was a Republican state senate candidate in 2014 and thankfully, the left-of-center candidate was defeated by a more conservative candidate, Mark Blasdell. Fisher is also an attorney, which makes it incredibly awkward that she hasn’t yet learned the basics of either literacy or civics.

Writing an op-ed that was published in the Flathead Beacon, Fisher derided Republicans for doing their constitutional duty of providing a check-and-balance upon the judicial branch of government. As Montana Daily Gazette has previously reported, the Montana Supreme Court has thrust the state into a constitutional crisis by refusing to hand over public emails sent on public servers by public servants on the public payroll. Because the emails demonstrate that the court is neither independent nor impartial, the justices have balked at demands by both Attorney General Knudsen and the legislature to turn over their public records.

Fisher wrote, “I don’t know why confidential or privileged information would be solicited or sent on a public email, but ensuring private information isn’t disseminated seems like a rational and responsible thing to do.”

Here’s a bit of info for the attorney, who we hope to God doesn’t make it much further than ambulance-chasing in the Flathead Valley…private information sent on public emails is no longer private information.

Did Fisher or any of the state’s blue army of radical leftists sleep through Hillary Clinton’s Filegate saga? Is she unaware of how public domain works? Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn’t know that information sent across government emails are all subject to information requests?

The Montana Constitution guarantees citizens both a right to know and a right to privacy. Article 2, Section 9 of the state constitution states: “No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.” State law further gives citizens the right to inspect and copy public records.

Fisher, despite the total lack of such an excuse from the justices on the court, claims that the court rejected the subpoenas because of “private and confidential information.” But the court merely responded by claiming the legislature didn’t have the authority to access their emails, not that “private and confidential information” needed to be redacted. Neither did the justices ask for time to redact private or confidential information. They merely ruled in their own favor to quash the subpoena, no explanation given.

Fisher ironically wrote, “Let’s hope in the process of litigating this issue that the integrity of each branch of government remains intact.”

Of course, what the already-leaked emails demonstrate is that the integrity of the Montana Supreme Court is not intact. It is disheveled and torn. And on top of being biased and partial, the court is stonewalling the People’s representatives in a parade of unconscionable arrogance.

Tammi Fisher is a part of the Flathead Valley’s establishment Republican machine, but the voters made clear that they don’t want her. They want an actual conservative instead. But what the saga of Montana’s Supreme Court will likely demonstrate is that there is a strong contingent of far-left liberals masquerading as Republicans in order to deceive voters and win elections in our conservative state. Both sides know what’s at stake in this controversy, and hopefully, it will become clear exactly what side our elected officials are on.


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