Biden’s Climate Plan Limits Americans to 4lbs of Beef Per Year, Would Kill Montana Economy


Biden’s new climate plan will strip Montana of a vital industry and bankrupt our ranches

Senator Jon Tester (D) wears his agricultural credentials on his sleeve, eagerly relaying to Montana’s farmers and ranchers each campaign how much he supports ag producers, considering he is one. Tester’s family runs an organic farm near Big Sandy, where he pops in to take campaign photos every half-decade or so. But with Biden’s new climate orders in place, the days of Montana’s cattle ranchers being able to conscientiously vote Democrat may soon be over.

Montana’s farming and ranching industry accounts for more than 3.6 billion dollars in revenue each year, and is the second-largest segment of our economy, just behind tourism. While ranchers only make up 5% of the state’s population, they create 17% of the state’s economy. These jobs employ more than 52 thousand people in Montana, or roughly 10% of the workforce.

However, in the name of saving the planet, Joe Biden wants to end 90% of America’s beef consumption and 50% of all meat consumption, over-all.

Biden’s climate proposal includes significant cuts to our carbon emissions by 2030, with zero carbon emissions by 2050. The latter goal would require humanity to become extinct because humans produce carbon dioxide naturally just by breathing. But aside from wishing we would all just die off so the algae and spotted owls can prosper, Biden’s climate goals include no more red meat.

HT Scott Crawford

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the media, “We are making an aggressive reduction target for the country. Part of our effort will focus on enhancing climate-smart agricultural practices, the development of biofuels, carbon capture and sequestration, better forest management and reforestation.” He later went on to say that farmers and ranchers would be “given incentives” (welfare) to stop farming and ranching.

Democrats have been setting their sights on ranchers for some time, with some politicians urging their constituents to have “Meatless Mondays,” believing that limiting meat consumption one day a week can save the planet. But Biden’s ambitions are far heavier than just one-day-a-week abstinence from protein.

The supposed damage to the environment by cattle production is their release of methane by passing gas. The geniuses in the Beltway, empowered by an endless amount of cash from the public taxrolls, are now trying to solve the all-important problem of cattle breaking wind.

Politico reports, “Vilsack hinted at the carbon footprint of meat and dairy production on Thursday, suggesting that methane emissions can be addressed by helping livestock producers adopt innovations, such as feed additives that cut the amount of methane belched out by cows, or technology to capture noxious gases from manure pits and convert them into an energy source.”

But changing the diet of cows so they fart or belch less isn’t enough. Biden has also established the goal of Americans eating 90% less beef.

The Center for Sustainable Systems at Michigan University said cutting small diet-related greenhouse gas emissions by half would be necessary to meet Biden’s 2030 energy goals. However, that would require Americans having to cut their red meat consumption by 90 percent, and cut other animals out by half. In other words, Americans should only consume about four pounds of red meat per year, or about 0.18 ounces daily, which is about a burger a month.

Other proposed changes by the Biden Administration would increase new electric car sales from the current 2% to more than 60% of the market, which would raise the price of electric vehicles (due to supply and demand) to approximately 55k per vehicle. Additional taxes equaling about $3,500 per taxpayer would need raised to accomplish Biden’s goals, and it would require the complete end to petroleum (another industry important for Montana’s economy).

It appears that Joe Biden is doing everything humanly possible to kill the American economy and shutter jobs in rural America. In the end, he’ll have us eating bugs.


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  1. So what does he expect us to eat. I am sure he will not be cutting back his meat consumption.. This is bullshit. So he is planning to ruin another business and put more people out of work.

  2. This is total marxist insanity, it’s unnatural. it’s designed to kill off American businesses. If you think for a millisecond that these marxist politicians are going to go without, you’re nuts. I’ll be damned if I don’t eat what I want. This will kill off local wildlife. More leftist lunacy!!!!

  3. Note that the Liberal elite will dine on the most sumptuous of meats, cheeses, wine and brie! In the old Soviet Union the peasants couldn’t get milk for their children but the Commissars’ wives bathed in milk. The Left are creating a new aristocracy with a peasantry so disarmed, weak, sick, and emaciated to resist the will of the neo-commissars.


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