FACT CHECK: Did Sen. Keith Regier Promote Vaccine “Conspiracy Theory” On Senate Floor?


Montana’s legacy press is dying, thanks to the economic law of suppy-and-demand. This law works, because God invented it, regardless of whether or not socialists want it to. Because of this immutable law of economics, and because supply of liberal trash-media is plentiful, the demand is very low. That’s why the Daily Inter Lake has an online readership rank of 58k on Alexa, or roughly 1/3 of that of the Montana Daily Gazette.

Exemplifying liberal media bias, an article published at the Yellow Journalism outlet entitled, Kalispell Lawmaker Promotes False Vaccine Conspiracy Theory, took aim at conservative senator, Kieth Regier. According to the “report” by the Fake News outlet, Regier was speaking on HB702, which would prevent employers from forcing their employees to undergo controversial health experiments in the forms of hastily contrived vaccinations. Such vaccinations have been proven by the New England Journal of Medicine to cause miscarriages in pregnant women, and numerous countries have pulled the vaccines from all but the elderly because they are unsafe and unnecessary for healthy people. In fact, even Montana has pulled the vaccine from one manufacturer because of health concerns, and manufacturers have produced millions of botched vaccines that have had to be thrown away.

Kieth Regier

Those are all indisputable facts, verified in hundreds of independent reports, and there’s nothing conspiratorial about it. The fact is, the three versions of the COVID-19 vaccine currently used in the United States was made available through an Emergency Use Protocol, and not through the usual two-year-long process of trials to ensure their safety. Reportedly, they’ve caused hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths.

Earning the ire of the Fake News outlet, Regier opined in the Senate…

“It’s still requiring an employee to put something into their bodies in order to be employed. That’s crazy. What’s next? I’ve read articles about putting a little chip in with the vaccine. There you got, right there — so what if that is federally approved and the employer requires that?”

On the face of it, the Daily Inter Lake’s headline can be proven fraudulent. Regier did not, in fact, claim that the government was tracking people through chips implanted in vaccine doses. Regier said – and these two words are important – “What’s next?”

The Daily Inter Lake might be rightly accused of illiteracy, if they hadn’t published the article using words. Instead, it appears they’re just so biased they’re blind and deaf.

The term, “What’s next?” does not make a truth claim about the status quo, but is a rhetorical device used to portray trepidation about the future. Ergo, Regier did not claim what the Fake News outlet alleged.

However, it should be noted that Regier’s fears regarding the future aren’t far off from reality. Unlike the bevy of Fake News outlet that litter Montana’s Marketplace of Ideas, the Montana Daily Gazette does actual journalism and research before publication.

The technology to do as Regier suggested could be done next certainly exists and the government has certainly fooled around with the idea of making it happen. Jay Walker, executive chairman of pre-filled syringe maker Apiject, which got a $590 million U.S. loan to produce injectors for the COVID-19 vaccine, admitted to readying the technology for use on behalf of the government.

In an interview from last year (seen below), Walker said of the technology, “[the microchip] is purely optional, however, and the U.S. government hasn’t even decided if they’re going to use it.”

The purpose of the microchip, according to the executive chairman, “is designed for two purposes: to allow the healthcare provider to confirm that the actual injectable and the vaccine in it has not expired and that it is not counterfeit. It would also confirm that “that particular injection has been used.”

Such chips are widely used in the Third World to track vaccinations among people who do not have access to government identification. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pioneered the technology as way to determine what foreign national has, or has not, received a vaccine to prevent double-dosing, which can cause death or other negative health consequences.

Although numerous third-party “fact-checkers” contracting with Big Tech have run articles denying that such chip trackers are being used in COVID-19 vaccines, none deny that the technology exists or that there have been legitimate discussions in the CDC or World Health Organization to use them. In fact, all around the world, they are already being used.

In fact, the PDF below – from the manufactuer – demonstrates that such technology has been designed to implant such a chip under the skin and within the vaccine dose. Furthermore, the manufacture is lobbying the government to do just that.

The Daily Inter Lake’s article regarding Senator Regier’s words should issued a full retraction and Sen. Regier should be issued an apology. He did not allege that vaccines are currently using such technology, but quite the opposite – he opined as to whether or not they would in the future. Given that the technology indeed exists (something the Daily Inter Lake did not bother to research), it is in the realm of possibilities.


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