Fact-checking Montana’s Media: Does HB112 Target “Trans Athletes”?


It might be the most repeated claim in Montana media during the 2021 session of the state legislature. The claim is that HB112 punitively targets “trans athletes.” The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Fuller (R-Whitefish) will prevent men and boys from competing as women and girls and will prevent women and girls from competing as men and boys. But the media’s message from all outlets besides the Montana Daily Gazette has been repetitive and solidified in their claim that the bill punitively treats transgender athletes.

Is Montana’s liberal media telling the truth? Their message is consistent; Republicans and conservatives want to ban transgender athletes from competing in high school or college sports.

But, are Montana’s media outlets reporting factually? Take a look at a sample of their reporting below…

Take, for example, the obscure Fake News blog, Montana Free Press. In their article yesterday, entitled, Trans Athlete Restriction Bill Clears Montana Legislature, blogger Mara Silvers repeatedly makes the claim that the bill treats “trans” athletes punitively.

Silvers writes, “Lawmakers on Friday passed a bill, largely along party lines, that would prohibit girls and women who are transgender from participating on women’s school sports teams.”

Below, we have edited Silvers’ comments to make them factually accurate:

“Lawmakers on Friday passed a bill, largely along party lines, that would prohibit girls boys and women men who are transgender are mentally ill from participating on women’s school sports teams.”

Fixed it.

Here’s another example of the Fake News media’s bias against medical science and sentient reasoning skills. Silva writes, “HB 112 would require public schools and colleges to designate their athletic teams specifically for male athletes, for female athletes or as mixed, based on “biological sex.””

Notice that Silva placed scare quotes around the term “biological sex.” Scare quotes are used in media to denote something that is dubious or perhaps non-existent, such as “transgenderism.” But contrary to Silva’s anti-science bias, we can assure you that biological sex does, in fact, exist. We have provided a screenshot below to educate Silva, or anyone else, who thinks that biological sex is mythical, fluid, or subject to change by imagination.

Biological sex is determined by males having one set of genitalia and females having another. Should doctors mutilate their genitals with scalpels (which is still legal, thanks to Republicans like Mallerie Stromswold and Geraldine Custer), sex can still be determined by the individuals chromosomes because – unlike Montana media outlets – DNA does not lie.

Silva’s bias continues, “The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Fuller, R-Kalispell, mirrors many bans and restrictions on transgender athletes people competing as the wrong gender, including those in elementary and middle school, cropping up in state legislatures nationwide.”

Or consider her comment, “Proponents of the bills have broadly argued that transgender girls and women boys and men, who were assigned were and still are male at birth, have an unfair advantage over their cisgender normal peers, regardless of whether they’ve started puberty or have taken testosterone suppressants as required by the NCAA.”

Numerous unscientific, unrealistic, and objectively untrue notions permeate throughout Silva’s articles and those printed in Montana’s Legacy Press outlets. These unrespectable, anti-intellectual notions include:

  • That gender is different from sex
  • That there is a different kind of sex than that which is biological
  • That gender can be changed by plastic surgeons, drugs, or imagination
  • That men can become women by wishing it or women can become men by wishing it
  • That a man who wants to compete against girls is an “athlete”

The notion of a “transgender athlete” has the same intellectual respectability as believing in Sasquatch athletes, leprechaun athletes, or chupacabra athletes. In other words, transgenderism does not exist.

Fact: No one in the history of mankind has ever transitioned their gender. No one has ever transitioned from male to female or female to male. While men have certainly cut off their genitalia, they have only become emasculated men. While women have certainly mangled their organs, they have only become deformed women. For example, if Bruce Jenner killed a person and left his blood at a crime scene, LAPD detectives would be profiling men (because Bruce Jenner is a man despite tucking his appendage and applying make-up).

No, HB112 does not punish transgender athletes because transgender athletes do not exist. In reality (the objective kind), HB112 protects females against mentally ill men and boys who want to compete against them in contact sports or other competitive matches because they think they are the wrong gender.


Not a single one of Montana’s Legacy Press outlets could be bothered to accurately, scientifically, and factually report on HB112. Afraid of the powerful LGBTQXYZ lobby, they have capitulated to the pseudo-religious notions of male spirits in female bodies or female spirits in male bodies. Nothing about that is scientific, honest, or respectable. Surrendering their journalistic integrity to the illiterate gods of political correctness, they have repeatedly printed lies about human biology.

But you already knew this, which is why you read and support Montana’s #1 News Source, the Montana Daily Gazette.


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