Can a Montana Soccer Mom Go From Freedom Activist to Kila School Board?


Taylor Butterfield is not what you would call your stereotypical freedom activist or candidate for school board until the “Red Wave” swept through America and turned many normal housewives and soccer moms into researching and organizing machines.

Wanting to leave a better world for her 2 precious children, Butterfield became active and involved in fighting tyranny about the same time the Covid-19 restrictions were mandated by former Democrat Governor Steve Bullock.

Butterfield instinctively knew that there was something wrong and decided to take action by joining a local group that promoted Constitutional freedoms and brought like-minded patriots together.

Rallying around other patriots to protect children, Butterfield played an instrumental part in countering the false narrative put forth by the CDC and the Flathead County Health Department. All the while, she spearheaded the collection of over 3000 signatures from Flathead Valley citizens who opposed the mask mandate.

If you spoke to Butterfield privately, she would likely tell you that she never had any intentions of becoming a freedom activist, nor did she have any intentions of running for office, including the school board. Nonetheless, her name will officially appear on the ballot this May 4th.

Butterfield was recently interviewed by Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio which can be seen in its entirety by clicking the link below.


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