Columbia Falls Jr. High School; Abusive Nurse forces Orange Mask of Shame

Columbia Falls Junior High in Columbia Falls on June 4, 2020. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

Montana’s Public (and Private Schools) have received millions in funding to use for Covid 19 related purposes. Plexiglass for separating students, toxic “cleaning” supplies, a myriad of products which include thousands of dollars worth of masks. 

Yet one school, in particular, isn’t willing to hand out the typical Covid school masks (light blue masks) to children whom they want to “teach a lesson to.” One teacher actually revealed to a student that they were passing out these particular masks to “shame kids who do not remember to wear their own mask.” 

Columbia Falls Jr. High has evidently gone to the dark side and stepped the “shame game” way up. That will teach those darn kids a thing or two. The picture below is of a ragged orange t-shirt cut up (Deluxe with earholes) to ensure these kids learn a thing or two.

The mask in question

One infuriated parent exclaimed, “This is a step towards the Golden Star (meaning the Yellow Star of David the Jews were forced to wear to distinguish them from others during WWll), and I will not sit back and be complicit in the destruction of the psyche of today’s youth because of our cowardly leaders.”

She further stated, “This piece of this cloth is going to stop the pandemic causing virus?”

Apparently, it was the school nurse who decided to “arbitrarily use up excess masks,” although the orange t-shirt mask of shame was absolutely designed by someone, and then asked the teachers to enforce it. Our source revealed the following:

“She (Laura Weidling) the school nurse, was the one who made the decision to hand out the orange masks and told the teachers to “not hand out other masks” (the masks which schools purchased with COVID CASH and were for all students who forgot their masks at home to use) to children who had masks of shame.” 

The nurse also stated that “Wednesday was Orange Mask Day.” 

However, only select students were issued them and only the students who’d forgotten their masks at home.

Montana Daily Gazette’s source further revealed, “I came unglued on the Principal. He said he didn’t know where they came from. He said the National Guard maybe donated to them. I said they’re definitely not from the guard, I’m in the guard, and we don’t use crap like that. The English teacher said they were meant to shame kids who don’t remember to bring masks, and the science teacher later that morning insisted students take it off and put on a blue disposable one.”

“The principal claimed he had no idea where they came from (the orange masks), which is altogether unbelievable given it’s HIS JOB TO KNOW!”

So it seems the nurse told the teachers to use the masks to punish children who forgot their masks at home. The science teacher told the students to go put on a blue mask because obviously, the orange ones were a joke, and the principal is trying to cover things up. 

The principal, Ted Miller, said the nurse was just using up an excess of masks, and the nurse wasn’t trying to shame them, but that’s a different story than what the teachers claimed. He said he would “look into it.”

One student claimed that the nurse did call each student out of class and offered a “very insincere apology.” 

This is the SAME NURSE who last fall coerced a student into trying to believe he had Covid 19 when he did not. The student went to the nurse’s office last fall complaining of a basic stomach ache and the nurse, Laura Weidling, manipulated him into admitting that he had Covid by telling him, such things as “you have a headache don’t you?” and continued brainwashing the youth into actually “admitting” he had Covid when he, in fact, DID NOT. 

His mother wasn’t even called in to be present during the questioning of the youth. “He most certainly does not have Covid.” Mom was livid. “He’s not staying home and quarantining for two weeks because of an upset stomach!”

“I’ve been very disappointed in the Jr. High in the three years my son has been there.”

Seems it’s high time this nurse gets replaced and the principal as well. This type of behavior is unacceptable from school authorities. 

And one final note: Those “Star of David” orange t-shirt masks? are now nowhere to be seen and right when irate parents wanted to present them to the school board.


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