Developing: Sources Close to Governor Gianforte Report He May Veto HB257


Sources close to Montana Governor Greg Gianforte have reported to Montana Daily Gazette staff that Gianforte will veto House Bill 257, which would prevent any local government entity from forcing a private business to become the mask police at their behest.

It has also been reported that, in an attempt to maintain their power and control, local governments and health boards have been lobbying Governor Gianforte pretty heavily in an attempt to compel him to veto the bill.

If you were waiting for a time to get involved in the political arena, there is no better time than the present as Governor Gianforte needs to hear from every Montana citizen who cherishes their freedom. Reach out to Governor Gianforte by utilizing the contact information listed below. Special Thanks to Montanans for Limited Government for all of their tremendously important work.

Call Gov. Gianforte: 406.444.3111


When using the messaging form on Gov. Gianforte’s website, you will be asked for a topic. Go to the far right of the blank topic field and click the little magnifying glass. When the drop-down menu appears to the left, click on “Bills” and then hit Select in the red box. (If you don’t choose a topic, the form won’t send.) When finished, hit Submit


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