Turning Point USA: Helena Montana, “Patriots Take Charge!”


Turning Point USA, Montana Freedom Action event, hosted a magnificent gathering (of over 400 people) on Saturday, April 24, 3-9 pm, and a delicious dinner was provided. The venue for this event was the Kleffner Ranch, which was packed with enthusiastic individuals. Charlie Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA, and activist Candace Owens is the Communications Director nationwide for TPUSA.

Youth Leader (and Pro-Life “Sweetheart”) Kaitlyn Ruch emceed the event and did an excellent job. Ruch is the President of Helena’s Students For Life, Honorary Member Young Republicans, and TPUSA Event Coordinator. The event was entirely set up and run by youth (mainly from Helena and other TPUSA Chapters), including the Flathead Valley group, headed up by a legislator, Braxton Mitchell (House Rep and Vice-Chairman Montana Young Republicans). There are too many people to thank but a special shout out to Austin Witham (President TPUSA Helena), Dennison Rivera Chairman, (Lewis and Clark Young Republicans), and Kate Opre (TPUSA Flathead Valley) for all their hard work. These individuals put in an incredible amount of time to make this event possible.

The crowd was comprised of approximately 25 percent teens and the rest adults. It was a packed house and Vince Dao, 18 got the ball rolling. The young conservative, who has amassed over 200k followers on social media and whose life motto is “Big Government Sucks,” started the session with a blistering speech on the same theme.

Dao highlighted that “society has abandoned God and the traditional family, the Church has moved from religious to secular in the past 70 years,” and that the Founding Fathers wrote the documents for a “certain group of people” during their time period and could “never have foreseen society as it is today.”

The young activist gave examples of how to create a “smaller government” by reducing spending and perpetuating a “moral society” by rewarding some with incentives. An example would include tax breaks for getting married and having children. Dao recommended manufacturing goods in the US and demonstrated how the shutting down of “Michigan’s factories” was the demise of the family unit.

“He urged the audience to reject the concept of “White Nationalism” and encouraged conservatives to wield power by bucking and “challenging the Dept. of Education” and finally to “restore a sense of order” in the United States.

Isabel Brown, 21, is a conservative Generation Z activist and spokesperson for TPUSA. Featured on Newsmax, Fox, and other networks, Brown has authored a book entitled “Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus.“ 

Brown gave many examples of liberalism on college campuses where “Social Justice” is on high tilt. She attended Colorado State University where leftist indoctrination is permeated and speaking such things as “long time no see” (is supposedly slanderous against Asians), ”food coma” is said to depict the stereotype of lazy African-Americans” and ” handicapped parking” supposedly is discriminatory against those with disabilities.

Out of 33k students at CSU, Brown was the ONLY one who stood up and declared, “ENOUGH!” She then started a Turning Point USA Chapter on campus where other students began to join, and it grew and prospered. Antifa even showed up, followed by a S.W.A.T. team, and where she received death threats.

Perhaps most fascinating is when Brown stated that young people and youth needed to become involved in the “Patriot Movement,” and the “taking back” of America belongs to the younger generation. She gave examples of our Founding Fathers and stated that the following ages of the signers of the “Declaration of Independence” were as such: James Monroe, 18, Alexander Hamilton, 21 (as was John Monroe), James Madison, 25 and the writer of the entire document, Thomas Jefferson was a mere 33 years old. She presented the quote, “American isn’t easy, you’ve got to want it back, put up a fight!” Brown also revealed that as a result of “Cancel Culture,” sales of Dr. Seuss’s books, as well as “MyPillow” and other products, have skyrocketed in sales.

She concluded by stating that this generation, “Generation Z” is the most conservative since WWII and must continue to fight for the “Past, Present, and Future.”

Next up was a highly focused and serious young lady named Alex Clark (host of Turning Point USA’s first daily show “POPlitics”). Clark began by stating, “the Pro-Life issue is not a Bipartisan issue it’s a moral issue,” to which the audience vigorously applauded. She quoted the famous lead singer, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac as stating, “Fleetwood Mac wouldn’t be what it is if I were Pro-Life.” Clark expounded vehemently, “Rapists should be given the death penalty, not the baby” and “women who abort their babies are 155% more likely to commit suicide. Anxiety among those who obtain abortions and depression are much higher, as are recurrent miscarriages.”

One surprising statement she revealed was the fact that “back-alley” abortions (before Roe-v-Wade) totaled 39 in all. “While that isn’t to be made light of, it is not what the media made it out to be.” Clark’s message was timely, imperative, and heartfelt.

Next up was Montana’s own, Senator Steve Daines. Daines issued hard truths that all needed to heed. According to Daines, Senator Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer called “Montana Despicable.” Daines continued, “The crisis at the border is because of Biden. I saw it with my own eyes. Biden called for the wall building to cease, and walls decrease crossings by 60 to 90%. Now we’ve seen the most illegal crossings in 20 years. On a positive note, toxic “emissions” are far less in the US than previously. Montana voted against illegal, unemployed, undocumented citizens receiving 15k.”

The crowd went wild at his final remark.

Congressman Rosendale spoke via the large screen and shared, “We’ve lost more freedoms in one year due to “Covid 19″ than we have in the past 20 years combined.”

The finale was shared by none other than the fantastic R-Derek Skees (Montana House of Representatives). Skees never ceases to amaze his listeners as a motivational speaker and “call to action man.” With robust enthusiasm, he stated the following accomplishments, which took place in the legislature this year in 2021: “Montana is now open for business, and only Elected Officials have the right to power; it is not up to the Health Officers! Montana is now a Sanctuary Gun State and Montana students are safer on campus due to concealed weapons. No funding from taxpayers will go to illegals from Montana, and at 11 am Monday morning, Governor Gianorte will sign all 3 Pro-Life bills!”
“No more “Dark Shame” over the state of Montana.” The crowd rose to their feet 3 separate times as applauded as Skees spoke.

As always, Skees shared a few inspirational quizzes and quotes. His humor is delightful and always a welcome addition.

Skees began, “Here’s a quiz”, “You might be a socialist IF YOU BELIEVE,” ………( to which, of course, the audience had to try to guess the answers).

  1. “Gender roles are artificial, but changing sex by surgery is natural.”
  2. “Biden and the DNC didn’t steal the presidency, and that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.”
  3. “The Helena Independent Record is true!”

And speaking of the “Helena Independent Record,” two men, (Reporter Philip Drake, and his colleague Gary Marshall Freelance Photographer) were told they could come to the event but needed to pay, but only did so after being told by Skees. Tacky.

They came through the door and announced they were “reporters” and THEN proceeded to weave and meander through the crowd and interrogate people! At that point, they were asked to leave.

Representative Skees even called the cops (but were later told via Skees they could stay), to which they THEN settled down a bit and proceeded to buy their admittance tickets.

Here’s what caused the issue, “Do you believe that Turning Point USA is a racist organization? Wouldn’t you agree that TPUSA is White Nationalists?” and thus trying to confuse the attendees and stir up trouble. Ironically, activist and speaker Vince Dao, (a minority of Vietnamese descent), and Young Republican Chairman, Dennison Rivera, (a minority of Hispanic descent), spoke with the Helena Independent Record attendees and schooled them concerning racism.

However, the Montana Daily Gazette purchased a ticket a week prior to the event and was welcomed with open arms.

Skees gave this final quote which summed the event up well.

“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom, in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams


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