Mike Lindell Has Big Ideas, But So Far Has Only Successfully Made A Pillow


Mike Lindell is a man of great vision and limitless energy. While his ideas may seem idealistic in many ways, anything is possible. He’s already proven himself a highly successful My Pillow businessman and now a political activist and advocate (primarily for Donald Trump). His plan is massive, his vision clear, and his faith unwavering. 

Watching Lindell speak is reminiscent of a kid in a candy shop. He gets so outrageously excited! 

He is, however, up against tremendous odds. 

Lindell is involved in a counter lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) who is suing him for 1.3 billion dollars. Dominion not only is trying to sue Lindell personally but his company, My Pillow, as well, seeking to squeeze every last dollar out of the mustachioed millionaire. For his part, Lindell is not taking it laying down with his own 1.6 billion lawsuit against DVS in the pipeline.

Concerning his new free speech platform entitled Frank Speech, Lindell has made it very clear that there will be no taking of God’s name in vain, among other vulgarities. Pornography is also a big no-no. 

Lindell claims that Frank Speech is under massive assault. 

Once perfected and ironed out, the site hopefully, things will run smoothly. Described as a mixture of YouTube and Twitter in terms of how it works, in reality, it remains to be seen.

One very bright young “pro-Lindell” fan, and who is employed as a master in the tech field, alluded to things such as a ‘lack of foresight’ on Lindell’s part and a “lack of troubleshooting” concerning how big of a project putting a new platform together actually is. He claimed that “Lindell very likely had no idea exactly how massive of a project this would be.”

Lindell also claims that Frank Speech isn’t reliant upon Amazon or Google or any other colossal conglomerate as far as needing their servers. Lindell told the press, “We have all our own servers.”

Lindell promised the Frank Speech platform would be up and running last Friday, April 16th (one week ago. However, that didn’t transpire. People were asked to enter their email, phone number, and username, but it simply wouldn’t load and kept crashing. Many people believe in Lindell’s vision and are willing to wait while exerting patience, but some are fed up. 

However, Lindell did get several guests interviewed (including Dr. Ben Carson), and videos were put upon his Frankspeech Livestream.

But that’s not the only issue concerning Lindell’s free speech platform. Many are challenging him, stating that it is not, in fact, truly censorship-free. Many claim that any type of censoring whatsoever makes the concept of free, questionable. 

Lindell disagrees. Eric Metaxas interviewed Lindell on the subject and Lindell stated, “We have a thing we found in the Constitution and our Founding Fathers defines what free speech is. This Judeo-Christian platform, they go by Biblical Principles. When you get to the Supreme Court, they have the Ten Commandments there. You’re not going to have material that goes against our Constitution and what our Founding Fathers put in there.” 

People are sick and tired of Trump being squelched and kicked off platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They are fed up with Facebook’s liberal agenda and throwing folks in “Facebook jail” over comments concerning the virus and especially the fraudulent election that Biden stole with massive evidence of voter fraud. Lindell is certainly capitalizing on that reality.

On top of the idea of Frank Speech, which Lindell envisioned about four years ago, he plans on starting an alternative to Amazon. According to him, people have been asking him to set up a competing market site for years.

Lindell said, “The biggest issue is most people don’t know how to market, and I’ve not had time to show them.”

One person though who isn’t real thrilled with Lindell’s ventures, is the owner of Gab, Andrew Torba. 

“What bothers me is how Mike led me, and the Gab community, on to believe that he was going all-in on supporting Gab only to turn around and blatantly rip off our free speech platform vision as his own,” he added. “I don’t think Mike understands what he is getting into with these projects, but he will soon enough.”


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