SC Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s GOP response to Joe Biden’s Nanny State Extravaganza


It would seem that the junior senator from South Carolina would be the perfect fit to deliver the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s long delayed address to a joint session of congress.

Such as it was seeing that the chamber was mostly empty and those who were in attendance were not only all masked up, but not allowed to sit in the same zip code with each other either due to never ending covid-19 avoidance measures. And this despite the fact that every member of congress and presumably every other individual there has been given one of Donald Trump’s warp speed vaccines., but that’s another story.

Tim Scott is an unmarried professing Christian who belongs to Seacost Church. A multi campus megachurch group in his home state of South Carolina. Looking over their WEBSITE it appears to be one these generally orthodox, but soft and inoffensive outfits that are afraid to take a stand on anything too controversial. Their rather sparse statement of faith does not contradict the Nicene Creed for instance (which isn’t saying much these days), but leaves canyons of room for possible postmodern pluralistic theological liberalism.

That said, by today’s American political standards, he’s probably much better than most.

Despite the Washington Post’s recent attempt to discredit Senator Scott’s personal story of poverty to power, Scott’s personal story is just that. An impressive rise from a broken home and financial hardship in a low income area of SC.

Here is his response to Joe Biden from earlier tonight.

I’m going to simply list the items that Senator Scott touched on that REALLY needed to be said.

Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate unifier and then proceeded from day one to launch an onslaught of partisan liberalism.

Scott declares that the United States is “sliding off her shared foundation.” By which he certainly means an attempt is being made to redefine the nation in leftist terms.

Stating his Christian faith, he laments, albeit briefly, the targeting of churches for shutdown in the name of fighting Covid.

Though I am no fan of public schools, especially the ones we have today, he decries the using of Covid-19 to keep children out of school when all of the actually known science gives no reason for doing so. Not at this late date anyway.

He then uses this outrage as an opportunity to plug school choice. A thing which is entirely anathema to the left. On that note, Biden slipped in there in his speech the idea of pre K indoctrination in the guise of “free daycare.” Don’t be fooled. This was Hilary’s dream.

He rightly points out that it was the Trump administration that handed them a ready made strategy and all the resources, including the “operation warp speed” vaccines that they are presently claiming as their own.

He also stated that the Democrats so called covid relief and infrastructure bills were nothing more than liberal spending packages which included very little toward the issues they were sold as addressing.

Next he exposed the Democrats oh so predictable tax hikes as the job and economy killing catastrophes that they are.

Very significantly, he talks about how the democrats love to put themselves “in the middle of your life.” The nanny state.

Next he calls Biden out for abandoning his decades long commitment to the Hyde amendment which prohibits the tax payer funding of abortion. This one is a doozie.

Also very significantly, he tells how the Democrats used the Senate filibuster to kill his police reform bill last year. The same filibuster they now want to eliminate, calling it a remnant of racism this year. Most significant of all in this regard, is his stating outright that the Democrats want the issue of racism rather than actual solutions to it.

“Hear me clearly. America is NOT a racist nation” said the Senator.

Scott declares that leftists are raking in money playing the race card (in so many words)

He declares that you don’t fix the discrimination of the past by using a different, but equally wrong brand of discrimination in the present.

Scott goes on to lay waste to the allegations of Jim Crow racism in the Georgia voting bill.

He calls the Democrat campaign, of which the attack on the Georgia bill is a major part, a Washington power grab and thankfully decries HR-1 as the horrendous attempt to centralize election law in DC that it is. He rightly points out that HR-1 is not about racial fairness at all, but is instead about rigging future elections.

He also rightly declares that whatever is left of the economy at present was handed to them by the previous administration as well. He included a desperately needed reminder of how minorities in particular had benefited from the Trump policies and of the investments made in minority programs and institutions. Quite so.

He tells his listeners that America’s future is not in “Washington schemes or socialist dreams.”

He closes with a paraphrase of the Lord’s blessing to Moses and Aaron in Numbers 6.

Honestly, I thought his delivery was a bit wooden and forced at times, but all in all it was a good response that covered a litany of spectacular leftist lies that very much needed exposing.

It also is quite clear that Scott is poised to be a rising star in the republican party. Of course that also means that media blitzkrieg upon his person and party affiliation will be well under way by the time you read this.

Contributed by Greg Smith


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