Exclusive! Deleted Picture Exposes Montana Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Mask Wearing and Virtue Signaling


“No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” Nathaniel Hawthorne-

The above quote by Hawthorne seems to be tailor-made for today’s Democrat party. In a recent gathering comprised of “Democrats Only” hosted by Mark Sweeney, the true colors of the “liberal party” came out at last.

In the picture below, you see the “Dems Uninhibited” and “living their best life now” unmasked, undistanced, and unashamed.

Until now. GAME OVER.

Behold! These are the same Democrats who spent the entire legislative session demonizing anyone who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) wear the mask of shame. And yet here they are, unabashed and in a party-hardy mood showing their pearly whites (mask free) for the camera- even sharing it to social media.

They were quickly busted and chastised by democratic leaders who told them to take this picture off their FB page and delete it. And they did. It was taken down faster than you could say ‘marksweeneyisahypocrite.’

But not before we got our hands on it.

And why? Because all season, they were “masked up” and had a superiority complex which they exerted over those “Darn Disobedient Republicans.” And look at them now! Unfettered and Free! Heavens we can’t let the public see that.

Too late. “Your sin will find you out.” The sin of hypocrisy, that is. “You snakes, you brood of vipers.”

Why the sudden change? It could be for a myriad of reasons.

  1. The head dogs (whether it be the Dem Senate leaders or others) who possibly forced the masking during sessions had no power “off-campus.”
  2. They’ve been “vaxxed” so they are now feeling like free birds.
  3. They did it all for show and never bought into the false narrative all along.

Perhaps it’s a mixture of all three.

While in the “People’s House” many felt they must obey the higher-ups (but probably themselves decided to stay masked up as well because their fearless leaders Biden/Fauci and others told them to). Plus, quite frankly many were scared out of their wits.

Obtaining their vaccines perhaps empowered the ‘fraidy cats to unveil, but then why continue to still mask up in the Capitol? But remember, it’s all about appearance and the narrative, and that place is about as public as one can get.

Maybe some indeed just did as they were told. Let’s face it even in Biden’s recent speech, “Mr. Vaccinated” still wore his mask, so good enough for Biden, good enough for the House Dems.

What really is at the core of this type of thinking? It is, after all, “sheepish behavior.”

Sheep are timid, dumb, and highly susceptible creatures. Democrats as a whole buy into a false agenda. They are not bright in their reasoning and would follow each other off a cliff.

In fact they just did. Because as this article is published, they are now fully and wholly EXPOSED. They have bit off their own foot, they have dug their own graves and simply stated they as a whole are the product of warehoused children who never learned the art of logic or reasoning.

For example, by all sound reasoning, we can assume that most likely D-Rep Mary Ann Dunwell was present at this event. Let’s use her, in this case, to demonstrate what we know to be true of her.

She is HIGHLY LIBERAL and very SCARED. And not bright.

Except in one area.

She fooled an entire population of voters. How? Because she knows how to campaign. However, everything that glitters is not gold. Adolf Hitler, 1938 was “TIMES” – Person of the Year (which right there gives you a clue.)

Dunwell is not intelligent, wise, or educated and indeed is by no means capable of a sound mind to be a Representative in the “People’s House.” She is in fact, an imposter, trying to snowball everyone.

Anyone who thinks they need to wear a mask AND a shield to prevent the seepage of a virus that permeates through a mask and can creep in through any crevice is just plain nuts. And even more insane is the fact that she was willing to breathe in toxic Carbon Dioxide, which has a much higher rate of toxicity than a “virus,” which affects most people mildly and kills very few. She obviously didn’t read the stats stating the survival rate was 99 to 99.5 percent.

Dunwell probably never looked up the fact that Covid as a killer was 9th on the list in the State of Montana. And by the looks of the picture above, neither are the rest of these Democrats, a learned people. The facts are in: heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are much more likely to take any one of these “Dem Partiers” (pictured above) than death by “Covid,” and we can certainly guess there were plenty of desserts served.

Dunwell is a woman who believes in a “woman’s choice.” Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (and friends with Hitler’s associates, which should tell you something), is one whom Dunwell dramatically admires. But because Dunwell is uneducated and unread, she doesn’t know, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The Rest of the Story.” Margaret Sanger abhorred Blacks, Hispanics, and Poor Whites and wanted them exterminated. This very concept blows Dunwell’s “anti-racism” narrative.

Why does Montana Daily Gazette constantly use Dunwell as an example?

Well, most likely because she’s a prime example of the stereotype of the entire democratic party as a whole. She just happened to get the whole package. She’s not educated in politics and civics; she goes by emotion rather than logic (the two face contraption gal), she doesn’t understand that a woman’s choice means a “choice to murder a baby,” nor does she understand basic history concerning horrific people such as Margaret Sanger.

She is the perfect “Democratic Spokesperson” who buffooned her way into the legislature and stood at the helm of all that’s silly, ridiculous, childish, and nonsensical. The facts are in: the folks pictured above all have one or more of the elements Dunwell emulates.

Let it be a lesson. Voters; know your candidates. As this session has come to a close, remember this. Please don’t vote for people who would mutilate children’s genitals, kill and murder unborn babies, give Health Officers more power than Elected Officials and never vote for anyone EVER who would take away our guns here in Montana. Because that’s what Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini did, and before you know it, you too will take that long train ride to Auschwitz.

When you ponder these things, look at the picture above and ask yourself. “Do I want to live a life of freedom or be a prisoner living under rules and regulations such as people like Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin imposed?

Because the folks in the featured picture? ARE THEM.

“A hypocrite is the picture of a “SAINT,” but his paint shall be washed off, and he shall appear in his own colours.” – Nathanial Hawthorne


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  1. “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

    Ronald Reagan


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